Really discouraged by fighting games due to several reasons, need some help/encouragement

[SIZE=2][SIZE=3]I am really getting discouraged by fighting games and I am thinking about quitting altogether, maybe I am just bitching but I really need some kind of encouragement. I love fighting games but there is just too much frustrating stuff. Pretty much the only option I have is ST on GGPO, and I love that game and all but I can hardly find players. I used to play 3s a lot on GGPO, but ever since 3s:O came out everybody left, and I have had nothing but problems with 3s:O.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

  1. Never a good connection on ps3, my connection on my PC is amazing, but for some reason it feels like my connection on ps3 is terrible. I am not running on wireless, my ps3 is right next to my pc and router. I am usually stuck on red-yellow connections with everybody and I don’t feel in control when I am playing and I can’t get better with the lag.

  2. I get mad. And when I mean mad, I get really really mad. I only get mad when it’s a terrible connection though, which is most of the time. I can’t really control my anger I have no idea why. It seems I am only having fun %10-20 percent of the time when I play online. Everything just feels so sluggish and out of control and I will never get used to it because I used to play PC ggpo as my main source of fighting games.

  3. My stick is worn out and broken (lol), and a new one is too expensive for me, I can’t really afford a new one since I am just a teenager. I mean hell, who can afford a $100 arcade stick those prices are nuts. I got my SE for $40 and it cost another $40 to upgrade it, but now it’s busted, the start button doesn’t work and the stick is unresponsive sometimes.

I might get back into it when SFxT comes out on PC, and I might go casual on the new Soul Calibur. Damn I just feel discouraged, I feel like I have no solutions or options to my problems and fighting games just aren’t fun with all these hassles.

“You are not a warrior, you are a beginner.”

but seriously, you’re only a teen. Wait a couple years when you’re grown, have a job/car, and can travel around to play people in person. Then you can decide if it’s worth your time.

How close is your nearest arcade?

I am pretty sure there are no serious arcades here in Utah. I can think of nickelcade which is some kids attraction, no street fighter, it does have some nice old games but they don’t repair their arcade machines and all the little kids break the machines.

I know it’s worth my time, fighting games are awesome, never really got serious till about 3 years ago when I found out about GGPO and I used to play 3s seriously every now and then, and since there was a chat function I was able to learn a lot. Now that place is abandoned :(, I kind of don’t like console fighting games, I would probably like them more if my connection on my ps3 wasn’t so bad. I don’t really know how to fix it, my pc connection is great and they are both plugged into the same router.

Quit, go play some raquetball or pick up some bitches.

Play pad or buy cheap stick you will get use to it
Practice Combo when every one round you is using the internet
Don’t download porn, well no more megaporn for you Lol

  1. Learn pad.
    Hey, it’s your only option without spending money.
  2. Go play sports or something.
    Playing sports as a kid helped me learn to accept defeats.
  3. Stop playing Vs. bad connections.
    The frustration is not worth it.
    Google for tips on how to make your PS3 connection better. Or see if you can reason your parents into an internet upgrade (and/or work for it).
  4. Assuming you already upgraded your SE to full Sanwa, a refresh is cheaper than you think.
    Instead of buying a full stick & set of buttons, for nearly HALF the cost you can pick up just the microswitches & spring needed. Ask in Tech Talk.

if you have consumer internet, pay the xtra for business class internet it makes all the difference in the world. with consumer internet you can buy faster download speeds but they tend to all have the same upload speeds. With business class you get faster upload speeds which means you get smoother online play. When we had consumer internet it would take my wife 3 days to upload photos from a wedding to her website, with business class it takes only three hours.
As far as your stick, if you replaced the joystick but kept the stock cable, that is the problem with that, it does not fit right, just open the case and pull it off and put it back on and use duct tape to keep it in place, I have to re-adjust this everytime I have dropped it. As far as your anger, you are a teenage boy and your nuts are flooding your body with testosterone, this is good. Hit the gym and you will blow up big time and get huge in a hurry ( put a focus on growing your back and legs, the chest and arms will follow) when your body uses testosterone it is converted to estrogen, this is where the mood swings and sadness comes from. Check out body building dot com and go to the workout section and they have an exercise guide that you can filter based on what equipment you have access to.
Money? money is cheap, a trillion dollars a day circles the globe every day…reach out and grab some :slight_smile: Start a business that can buy your gaming stuff for you. I am DJ and a minister, my wife is a photographer and our business has bought us a pile of TVs, computers, 2 PS3’s &1 Xbox360 (to run wedding videos and picture slide shows on) and 2 houses, and we started our business when we were broke living in a trailer park east of Flint, Michigan. Don’t let the fact you are a kid with no cash make you think you can’t go out and get paid, all you need to be is creative and start selling yourself.

Try the Regional Matchmaking forum to find players in your area

1.the net code on street fighter sucks. I can never find a decent match

2.if you get mad just go into arcade mode and play around. OR if you have friends that play street fighter invite them over like in the 90s. If they dont play street fighter show them the game.

  1. i dont know what to tell you. I see that your profile says you’re 17, you’re old enough to get a job. If you really dont like working just find a job at say burger king and just work until you get enough money for the stick.

hope i helped.

Also what kind of stick do you have if you have a mad catz check out this video series.


you can buy replacement parts online

I would recommend sanwa or seimitsu parts.

it may be cheaper than buying a new stick!

Look in here first. Utah Thread: Not everyone is Mormon......just the majority
Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a local scene.

  1. Test your internet connection. There’s plenty of web sites available that will exactly how fast your connection is. If there’s a problem there, then you know that your internet isn’t up to snuff, and that you’ll need to upgrade it.

  2. Everybody gets mad, it’s the nature of fighting games. It puts you up against somebody else, and when you lose, you get salty about it. The important thing is HOW you deal with that anger. Either it drives you get better and you end up mopping up some dude who used to beat you for free, or you can whine about it, give up, and go play something else that isn’t as stressful.

  3. Replace the parts. Don’t buy an entire stick, open up your stick and replace the broken components. Sticks are like $2 each, and a joystick is like $30. If you’re lucky, look up someone to help you out in your local area, I’m sure the community doesn’t mind checking out why your start button doesn’t work.

Don’t be discouraged. Until you can find the right competition, you may simply practice with the arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.
For example: I play KOF XIII daily. If I am not online or fighting with my buddies, I go ahead and play arcade mode… with a twist. I choose three characters. Then I will try to win every match solo with one character each round and if I lose a round with that one character, I start over again. It’s a little bit funner than it sounds (it might be because I have a lot of patience…)
Soon enough, you’ll be at the point where you won’t even NOTICE that you are beating the crap out of Saiki/Dark Ash, plus another other boss characters at the moment. Make sure you take care of your equipment as well. A wired connection might also be plausible.
Otherwise, you can experiment the characters abilities utilizing the trials and practice mode. I would also suggest making a few friends here who will take pleasure in fighting against you.
Tournaments will be a big help for someone like you. You should go there, make a few friends and fight like you never had before.

I’d say that the only good solution for you is to find a local scene and meet people.

I had the same problem as I was living in a small French city with no Street Fighter scene or anything like that, so I had to play online and get frustrated. I was about to stop playing when I moved to Paris and met the absolutely huge community out there who always invited me to play with them and learn new things. Now I just love playing street fighter again, and even more when I’m with some good friends who are actually passionate as I am, while I used to play with some close friends who didn’t really care about training and just kept saying “dude you’re a japanese pro” because I could use FADC in my combos…

IRL sessions FTW

All the 3rd strike playes are playing Karnov’s revenge. And by Karnov Revenge, I mean using the Karnov Revenge room and switching roms to 3rd strike. Check out the room and ask around on how to get 3rd strike on GGPO going.

Yep, sounds like bitchin’ to me. But no worries, Igot some suggestions that might help calm the frustration.

To your first two reason’s I suggest you play Player Matches v. Ranked. There is not as much @ stake with your rank if that is what is worrying you. (And lets be honest, it would be the reason for frustration if your not holding your own.) In a Player Match, you should not be as stressed and you can play against multiple players and learn a thing or two. There may still be lag though.

as for point 3. If you got a job, than this should be a cinch. just put some money on the side, say $30.00 every two weeks and shop around for a good stick in the mean time. When you find what you want, than buy it. Or if you have the money by the time you find the stick you want, buy it outright.

everything that everyone has posted pertaining to finding a local scene will help tremendously.

trade in your ps3 for a 360. More players are xbl :slight_smile: