Really dumb question: Icon meaning after a ranked match

After a ranked match you’ll see both players names’ and an icon next to their name which to me kind of looks like a movie reel or something, it’s sometimes yellow colored and sometimes it’s not.
I know this is probably a dumb question but what does that icon mean?

I assume you’re talking about SSF4? It is in fact a movie reel, after you you meet a certain criteria (I think it’s a set amount of points earnt) you get a replay. When you meet someone else who has earnt a replay the winner of the fight gets the option to upload the replay to the channel for all to watch. (That being said, I’ve fought people whilst we’ve both had full movie reels and it hasn’t been a replay match, not sure why though.)

I was wondering the same thing. I keep looking for some kind of online wiki for what the different colors means, and how you activate them. Also, it’s confusing, because aren’t all matches saved as replays? i can go into my battle log and see all my matches, so what’s the difference when one is ‘uploaded’. I wish this game had a simple manual sometimes. :slight_smile:

I asked this same question a long time ago, unfortunately I can’t find the original post - the search function on these new forums is not the best at the moment.

The movie reel is known as the ‘replay upload icon’ in the manual. Here’s a link to a thread explaining it, it even has colour pictures :slight_smile:

Taken from the manual.

Oh and when a match is uploaded, it means it’s there for all to see. Those are the only matches that are publicly available unless you choose to upload other matches yourself. I might be mistaken, but I think only one video per player is available at any one time and it’s always the latest match.

Edit: It seems that this is not quote the case with my second point on the one match per person. Endless lobbies and tournament footage gets uploaded too, though I’m not 100% sure how.