Really Easy!

Could I get an AV of Luigi and MVC2 Spider-Man giving thumbs up? Maybe standing side by side or back to back.


Heh, I tried.
You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.

Thats really cool(I like how you put my name in there). But, I would prefer no pink. Here’s a different luigi pic if you need it:

Or you could use a sprite from Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga.


okie dokie
Thats the same pic I used, but I edited pink (his SSBM color) because green didn’t seem like it would go with Spidey.

Alrighty check back in 20 min.

How’s this:

Oops sorry man, I just realized a mistake in the av. I’ll fix it after I get out of class tomorrow. I’m sleepy…so yeah…

All, thats so cool! Thank you!:tup: :clap:
I finally have a AV now!:party: