Really F*****Up don't know what to do

Ok so this week end a friend and I began to built our arcade…When we cut the wood we measured very lossely and when we put both sides of the arcade together we found out that we were off 2 inches now we don’t know if we should sand everything till it is perfect or if we should use the hand saw again?!

With the right (power) tools, you can build anything. Sanding off two inches? You must be crazy.

reminds me of the old carpenter’s adage, “measure twice cut once.”

but seriously - don’t try to sand 2 inches. that’s just crazy. re-do your calculations & re-cut the excess.

live & learn.

Your description is alil vague so I really dont know what you’re trying to do. Sanding off 2 inches from something is out of the question if you ask me.

Measure twice and cut once they say (* edit * lol AC beat me to it) Why would you “measure loosely” when building something? Its not like you’re baking a cake.

Yea dont try and sand off 2 inches, that would be more than sanding through one of my sticks until there was nothing left!

Woodworking is definitely something that takes quite a bit of practice, and going straight to building an arcade cab (im assuming thats what youre doing, correct me if im wrong) seems like A LOT to bite off, possibly much more than you could chew at this point in time, and i forsee this project being a huge headache for you guys…

I would suggest that you start with something related, but much more manageable, like a single player or even 2 player arcade stick case. Its fairly easy and can help you get your wood working chops down a little more before you go for the big stuff.

Whatever you decide to do have fun and make sure to give us lots of pictures so we can better understand what youre doing so that we can give more detailed and helpful answers to any questions you may run into!

dude, you are in texas. next to california, that is the land of cheap arcade cabs. just check craigslist and the klov forums and get a $50 empty cab. little bit of wood putty and paint and you’ve got a decent cab.

if both sides were to symetrical why didn’t you clamp both boards together draw dimensions on oneside and cut both at the sametime. Some common sense or thinking before hand can go a long way.

Time to get your dad or grandpa involved. If you continue coming to us with questions like, “Should we sand off 2 inches?” then you’ll just end up getting burned. But if you go to the right old guy then you’ll end up with a larger selection of tools to use and probably a bigger budget.

They point is that we wanted to make it on our own from scratch.

They side we cut first was the worst side we cut the second and it was pretty good but we didn’t want to waste wood so we thought we could cut the fist side…When we cut it first it took off a lot so we thought hey instead of risking the whole thing we could sand with a strong sander until it evened out.

Thanks for the help put I would just like to know what tool is best so I can borrow it from my neighbor… Also could I use these speakers on my arcade?

If you can’t see it I’ll just rip the pic.

skil/circular saws are good for straight lines. Jigsaw great for curves. Dont expect round corners to be perfect, with either use you will need to sand to make curves perfect. A combination of both will be goog d for building an arcade cabinet. Long straight line use skil saw once you get to the corners use a jig saw if they are rounded also good for making holes for speakers.
Good luck.