Really Frustrated, Would Appreciate Some Advice

Hi everyone, my name is Dan, my handle is SaikyoDan.
I main Dan (obviously), and Balrog.
I have been consistently improving, but I feel like I’ve hit a wall, and stopped winning, I can do all my combos, and I know most everything I need to know about Balrog, but I get beat by stupid shit all the time, and it’s frustrating, especially since EVO is around the corner.

You can see here: [media=youtube]jvgegY9QGkQ[/media]

This is a match I just fought, and I find it so frustrating that I lose to stuff like that.
Can someone add me on PSN and I guess like…be my trainer? I think I need to go back to my fundamentals like pokes and things instead of practicing 7 Rush Upper Loops.

i watched the video and heres my input, PLEASE dont take it the wrong way, im only trying to help you.

  1. Stop relying on the headbutt so much, use it when necessary, not randomly, and not always. When someone is jumping in at you, most of the time theyre doing a safe jump trying to get you to do that.

  2. Stop rushing in from that far away, you are very very vulnerable at that moment.

  3. Just because you have a charge ready does not mean you have to use it.

  4. Be more strategic, and less like 99.9% of xbox live Balrogs. You should take more time and learn how to actually play as him from a more advanced perspective.

Basically, everything you see on xbox live with Balrog, just dont do that. People who play Balrog like this only win when they get lucky, or if Balrog straight up owns the matchup.

Alright, thank you, I appreciate you being downright honest, I will try to think more in my gameplay, rather than just rushdown.

You both just did random moves the whole game, I don’t really see what’s frustrating about that.

Okay, okay I understand that I’m not good, I just need advice, not empty criticism.

I’d just stop doing random moves. The Ryu gets a free jump in on you in the first round because for some reason you’re pressing crouching jab when he’s half screen away. If you weren’t doing something random like that you could have stuffed his jump in with a crouching fierce.

Thank you for giving advice, anti air is something I need to work on a lot.

Awesome, I love SRK, I just fought a Ken and used my Anti Air Cr.FP, it felt so much better to win strategically opposed to random headbutt ultra.

Its good that you do that. I too am sometimes reckless with rushdown, and you really have to know when to turn it off :slight_smile:

Yes, this is wonderful, I’m improving quite quickly at my anti-airs, I feel like I still need a lot of work though, anyone on PSN want to train me?

Ok, now I don’t play Balrog that much, but from what I can see I’d use less head butts and more anti-air normals (which you said you were working on) and to me it seemed like you were throwing out EX dashes a bit too much. Personally I’d save them for some punishes or mix up, though like I said, I don’t play Balrog much.

I can’t train you, because I wouldn’t consider myself that good, but if you want some practice against a non-spamming akuma you can add me to PSN, eternalbl. I know I could use some experience against Balrogs.

Alright, thanks you two, I’ll conserve more meter, I’d been just itching to use EX Rush Links, but I can just conserve them for punishes and other things.
I’ll add you right now, eternalbl.

No lie I think that Ryu player needs more help than you.

One thing I noticed you weren’t doing was punishing his sweeps on block.

Thanks, yeah, if you look at his input command, it’s a little messy, I’m unsure on what to punish with, I know cr.MP xx Headbutt is a pretty good punisher, but I don’t seem to be able to get the MP out fast enough, and I eat an SRK most of the time.

cr. lp, cr. lp, cr. lk xx Headbutt is Balrog’s punishing combo, learn to do it :slight_smile:

Though if hes too far for that after the sweep, just sweep him right back because Ryu’s still in recovery frames.

Ah I see, yes I know that combo quite well. The sweep thing sounds good. I just lost to a Ryu cause he zoned me like crazy with I swear at least 50 hadoukens per round. It made me so mad because I kept TAP’ing them or FA’ing them, but he just fucking did more. It was ridiculous.

Oh god, okay, so I downloaded him pretty much, I fought him again, and I won all 3 rounds. If you include the DOUBLE GODDAMNED KO we had at the end of round 3. Then I fought a good Guile, sweeped him too, then…I was kicked from the session. Sore losers I guess…? I’m happy though, I really like Standing MP as an Anti-Air, it comes out really fast, so I can use it on reaction a lot more often.

Glad to hear, I never had a good anti-air normal to mess with when I played Rog, so I think I’ll try out Standing MP :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t do the headbutt when your BnB is getting blocked. I saw you do it once and not do it once so maybe it was just a mistake. Personally, I like cr.FP as his AA since he’s usually downback to begin with, but anything that connects is fine.