Really fucked up input delay

I’m sure 40 ping and lower, kaillera is supposed to be near instant. However, everytime I play on a server, the delay is awful. I can’t react dp in time or when I try to do a poke string, it comes out a split second later. I ping 26ms on godsweapon and anti3d

However, when I host my own server to play against friends, the input truly seems to reflect on ping. For example, 25ms, near instant/ nearly no delay. 40ms, very little delay. 60 ms, somewhat shitty, but playable.

Does anybody know what mame / network settings would help?

Running mame.64 / ports all open (dmz host) all resources cut to minimum except mame.

Could just be that the people you’ve been playing have lousy connections.
Some people with like 40 ms lag like hell for some reason.
Probably viruses/spyware that’s bogging their connection down.

Also, make sure you’re playing under “Good” unless the person’s ping is very close to your’s, otherwise it’ll bog down.

well I was testing out a connection with some other dude. my ping was 24 his was 23 and I still had mad delay, while he was pulling combos out of his ass like nothing. Possible macros? but still. Then he leaves saying ‘your style is boring’.

But anybody else has this lag?

Also, why doesn’t the community use mame32 .31 instead of .64? there’s a huge difference in input delay which is similar to zsnes online. Just need a hacked dat or ini or whatever to play the updated games.

i have this same problem with xmvsf so i stopped playing online vs people. its like they can do these crazy mag storm crap, but with my converter to my stick, i press punch and it comes out like a sec later. so if they rush down, i cant block.

this also happens when i play on keyboard online, so its not the coverter. but when i play 1 player by myself, no lag at all.

I think you mean 0.61.
And yes it does have less input delay, but people just don’t want to switch. They see going down a version as something bad, when there’s really like 0 difference between 0.61 and 0.64.

VRUS, kaillera is wack like that trust me…

If u play hardcore in the arcade or single player on those emulators and then u play on kaillera, you WILL notice a difference in response even with 20-40 ms ping set to “good” connection type…

the delay in input is a combination of ping and connection type (keyframes/second)

its just kaillera… but hey… if u spend sum time u will adapt to the delay…there’s a lot of ppl who kick ass online at 80 ping…

but for now, the best solution to this is to host a private server and set your connection type to lan (60 keyframes/sec)… u will get arcade response but there might be a few lag spikes here n’ there or choppiness… (final burn is more responsive than mame online)

zsnes netplay on the other hand is dead-on responsive… much better than kaillera!

i used to have the same problem, and it turned out to be my usb>ps2 adapter. I bought a different one, and everything is fine now.

Yeah, it definitely could be that.
The USB adaptors from places like Radioshack are notoriously unreliable.

The best connection I got so far was like 0.5 seconds of delay and it sucks ass. I was trying to learn how to play xmen vs sf but it seemed impossible. I could barely move and the dude is coming at me like theres no lag at all hitting me with infinites and shit left and right.

Then I play alpha 3 and can barely anti air at all. Even when I jumped in my shit would’nt come out till right before I hit the ground.

I play on xbox live too but it runs 10x better online than anything I’ve played on kaillera. It already sucks enough on live, I figured it couldn’t be any worse. Is it normal to get connection’s like this or is it me?

I’m with you on that, bro. That same shit happends to me all the time whenever i try to play xmvsf, mvsf, or mvc online. That’s why I hardly ever play those games; I just stick to ST and A3.

Damn, you serious? I’ve been using one, and I just thought that it was online lag that delays my inputs. Which ones do you (or anybody for that matter) recommend?

as long as there is no input lag offline, then you know the convertor isn’t the problem.

I wouldn’t really be the one to ask since I use keyboard, but you could try the ones from Lik-Sang or Playasia.