Really hard to learn dhalsim online



I’m pretty new to SSF4 (a few weeks) but everytime I play online with dhalsim, if I zone then there is about a 90% chance that the host will kick me right away, making it really hard to get any experience.


No one likes Dhalsim, sacrifice your points and get experience via ranked matches.
You could also create endless lobbies, that way you avoid being kicked… but people will avoid you after a while…
these are though times for sim


Yes. One of the reasons why I believe Dhalsim keeps getting nerfed (or not given any major buffs).


keeps getting nerfed?! But we just received a 5 damage buff on st. hp! What else could you wish for? /sarcasm


Hes a lot hard to play on PSN than XBL and arcade.
Theres too much input lag causing most anti-airs to whiff.


Play offline.


No friends QQ