Really interested in SFxT but not sure if its worth the buy


I’ve been interested in playing SFxT for some time now but haven’t been able to give it a chance. As a Street Fighter fan and tekken fan I’ve been really interested in giving this a shot, however with the DLC being on the disk and how people say it is capcom trying to milk you for money, I have been put off by it. I really want to play the game, but at the same time I want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth. When I look at forums about the game all I see is negative discussions and cannot really find an objective view on the game. So I figured I would come ask the people who play it continuously.

Right now Amazon is having a sale, and SFxT is 19.50. I want to buy it but I cant bring myself to do it. Being a college student I don’t have much cash, and want to make sure I wont regret spending the money. So my question is, is SFxT worth the buy? Is the DLC being sold, even though it is on the disk, that big of a deal? Is the Gem system as bad as people say it is? I am a new user to the site so I hope I have posted this in the right area. Hopefully I was right to post here and not the newbie dojo.


If you buy the dlc characters and get the amazon deal, you got all the content that matters for $40 bucks. Oh noes, Capcom is milking you for every penny you have. The gems system is much better than people say it is. Once you’ve formed a battle plan for your team, they become really interesting. But yeah, if you’re strapped for cash, I don’t know if I could recommend it. I’d say play it without the dlc characters, and if you like the game, buy them.


I believe it’s worth the buy. Maybe you should rent to see if u really want to purchase it, the DLC imo is reasonable, the gem system not that big of deal, it’s a nice way to cater to your play style. I personally find the game very enjoyable, despite negative remarks towards the game because I play on my own accord, not because xyz player is/isn’t playing. And we have a decent amount of people who are dedicated to the growth of the game. It might not be as popular like SF4/UMVC3/KOF13/P4A, but it still has its appeal and audience.


Personally, I hate the shit.

But you should rent it, or go to a friend’s house and play it before you buy.


My biggest issue is if the content is on the disk then when I buy the disk I should have the content available. I cant rent it because those kind of stores in my area went out of business. My friends don’t own it and don’t play fighting games and local game stores that have a 7 day used return policy no questions asked do not have any used copys. So I am in a pickle of sorts.


Stages are lacking in both quality and quantity. The music is pretty lousy too.
Gameplay is faster than SF4…in game aesthetics are sorely missed though.
Character models and fluidity have surprisingly translated about as well as could expected.
Gems are garbage.

There wasn’t enough fine tuning done to this game…and while I can say that in the areas that count the most it’s better than SF4AE it lacks staying power and high replay value.

Anyway I’d rent the game and take it from there. I finally got around to buying the game because I was interested in using the Elena and Dudley duo and seeing how Tekken characters would translate. My curiousity got the best of me but I wasn’t fool enough to pay more than 40 bucks for the whole package.


Problem is I cant rent anywhere in my area, or buy used to give it a shot.


Dude Gamefly.
Especially if you’re more than a casual gamer.


Gamefly’s prices went way up and I dont like paying monthly fee’s. But I have been considering it. Thing is I ussually stick to one or two games at a time. Right now its Virtua Fighter 5 and Blazeblue but looking for a different 2D fighter right now, which is why I am thinking about SFxT

Do you think for someone who hasnt play SF4 since about 4 months after the original version released would find it enjoyable (find SFxT enjoyable)? I recently got back into console fighting games. I took a break for about two years.


I’d say it depends on why you stopped playing SF4 in the first place.


At the time I didn’t have a fight stick and I don’t like paying fighting games on a pad. So I stopped playing (same reason I stopped playing fighting games in general) Right now I got lucky and got a new HORI PS3 Real Arcade Pro V3 SA KAI as a gift so I got back into playing em again.


Well it’s your call. You’ll figure it out hopefully.


I’d go for Gamefly. Check out some of the twitch archives of JiBBo for some good level play.


People that hate a game because of on disk DLC are not worth paying attention to (I’d prefer if all games came with the DLC on disk to save people from having to download massive chunks of data on each console).
The Gem issue is still touchy, given that some of the best gems are pay-only and there are some sods (with no scruples) that are paying for them. The system in itself is pretty cool; it’s nice to figure out a config and have it work perfectly in a match :D.
Also, 12 characters at $20 is a pretty good deal. I gladly paid for them and would do it again.

Those “negative” reasons don’t hold much water and should not dissuade you from playing the game which, at it’s core, a really decent game IMHO (and for the most part better than SF4).
That said, as someone that’s played it religiously since release, I’ve just popped it out of my PS3 and don’t know when I’ll play it again. I’m out of patience (for now) for all the stupid characters and bullshit that allows even the most lazy players to mindlessly mash their way to glory.

Maybe you can rent the game and give it a shot?


for $47.99 you can buy ttt2 at newegg(sale ends midnight tho)


btw ttt2 has on disc DLC but its free lolololololololol!](‘’)


That’s cute because I’m pretty sure that nobody convinced the OP that on disc DLC is bad…he came to that conclusion on his own.
…sooooo it’s obviously important to him/her.

There are also a handful of negatives that effect the enjoyment of the game, once again it can dissuade some and it’s not up to you whether or not it’s negligble.


Smart PR move that’s all. Doesn’t mean their other games will be the same.


$20 for a game is hardly a risk. The extra 20 for DLC characters is optional. If you can’t afford 20 bucks, get a new hobby. That’s not even half a day’s work.

If it looks cool to you, try it out.


Heh, you might get lucky with some free DLC if you stalk MrWiz’s twitter, there are giveaways on weekends sometimes.


I’d put that money on Tekken Tag 2. I think the online community will have more people to play.