Really interested in SFxT but not sure if its worth the buy.


I’ve been interested in playing SFxT for some time now but haven’t been able to give it a chance. As a Street Fighter fan and tekken fan I’ve been really interested in giving this a shot, however with the DLC being on the disk and how people say it is capcom trying to milk you for money, I have been put off by it. I really want to play the game, but at the same time I want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth. When I look at forums about the game all I see is negative discussions and cannot really find an objective view on the game. So I figured I would come ask the people here.

Right now Amazon is having a sale, and SFxT is 19.50. I want to buy it but I cant bring myself to do it. Being a college student I don’t have much cash, and want to make sure I wont regret spending the money. So my question is, is SFxT worth the buy? Is the DLC being sold, even though it is on the disk, that big of a deal? Is the Gem system as bad as people say it is? Any incite into the game would be greatly appreciated.


Watch the match vids, make a judgement. You already seem to know that you have to essentially buy the game twice, so that’s the main nasty taste out of the way. The rest is just academic, with system and gameplay mechanics. If you played SFIV and Tekken 6 and enjoyed them, you’ll probably get something out of this hybrid title (beyond frustration and disillusionment :razzy:)


I’ve watched competitive play as well as casual play and I really do want to play it, but I really dont like paying for DLC that is on the disk. Though I would be paying basically the full price for even the DLC characters because of the sale (which is why I am considering it). However when I look at the SFxT DLC listings its a bit overwhelming. The sheer number of DLC packs they have seems ridiculous and puts me off. Which is my biggest issue. I want to play the game and I would mostlikely enjoy it, however there business model really bothers me. Shitty pickle.


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That being said, it’s bargain bin material anyway. The $20 DLC for characters is enough for your needs, which still brings the game to roughly standard price.
Think of it that way, being a new game to you. Never mind that it’s been out for a while.

You don’t have to buy the costumes. They don’t make you a better player.


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I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.

Get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 instead, it may be hard to learn at first but it’s** packed** with content with I think about 55 characters(a small few are similar but still very different) a bunch of stages and customizable music(you can even upload music off of your console and set it to specific stages/menus as background music) All characters are customizable as well, all have a bunch of moves and combos, the tag mechanics are cool(you can also play 1v1 or 1v2), and a bunch of other stuff thats awesome.

But I can see why you wouldn’t want to shell out that 59.99 on a college budget, if you really want a cheap fighting game that bad then I’d get SFXT anyways since it’s so cheap.


Thing is I have been saving for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for about 3 months and have the cash set aside for that and payed off my pre-order. I’m extremely excited for it. I’m actually lucky I have no class on tuesdays until like 8:30 at night so I am gonna be playing that all day. Thing is I like playing 2D fighters as well, and Im getting a bit tired of Blazeblue. Also, I have played SF4 since about 4 months after it originally released so I figured I would try SFxT (not really interested in SF4AE honeslty) But I cant rent the game, or find a used copy and none of my friends like fighting games so none of them have a copy I could barrow.


Well, when it all comes down to it, it’s how much you value the game itself. If you don’t see it as worthy of your 20$ (and $20 for 12 characters IF you want them) then don’t buy it, but if you think it would be an “OK” game for that much, then go for it. I spent 60$ on the special edition and I paid for the dlc cause I wanted them, I even bought a few costumes because I thought they looked cool. The game itself I can’t really compare to much, my experience in fighting games has been this one, and mvc3. I have to say though, after I learned how to play this, I held my own against my AE friends pretty well, without any prior knowledge of that game, then again; they didn’t know how to do any of those fancy focus dash cancels, haha.

In my opinion, this game is worth so much more than the bad wrap it gets. If you’re on psn, I’ll gladly play with you until you get the hang of it :wink:


This game is definitely playable and can be very fun, it just isn’t anything spectacular.

I think its worth 20$ if you really don’t have anything better to buy.

If you’re like me you only buy games with a lot of re-playability.


DOA5 comes out this month, nerds talk about the gameplay but it’s basically comparing watching something in HD to say a black and white film on a ghetto as tv that belongs in a museum.


I can only speak for the 360 version, but the online playability can be very laggy and choppy. Someone who I have great online connection with in SSFIVAE and have zero problems with, I have lag with in SFxT. It’s rare when I can get a match as smooth as playing the CPU. So take your connection into account if you plan on playing online, and for whatever system you’re planning on playing.


SFxT isn’t worth the buy. SFxT will never be worth the buy.


SFxT is a blast, I own it on PS3 and Xbox360, and the PS3 version plays a bit better in my opinion, There is about 15-20 loudmouths on SRK who go ballistic every time SFxT is mentioned, but SRK does not equal the fighting game community. There is always plenty of people playing online any time of the day, so you won’t ever wait long for a match. I wouldn’t get TTT2 for a while because you will be able to buy it used off some dope who couldn’t control themselves and fell for hype and bought it day one, then needs to sell it a few weeks later (copies of P4A are coming up for sale for as low as $40.) Once you get your copy friend me on what ever system you have (my tag is “ahdonye” on psn, xboxlive and windows live


Have you considered getting P4A? If you have grown tired of Blazblue it’s likely P4A is your type of game.