Really like Guile, few questions



So after playing full rushdown yolo characters for so long and getting blown up quite often by turtling lame play i decided to give it a try myself and its pretty scary just how many people you can blow up online by doing practically nothing exept throwing booms and AAing. The reason i wanted to learn Guile is because for some abstract reason i can pretty much 95% execute his links that a lot of people have trouble with, i really dont know why this is but hey im not complaining. Stuff like his upside down kick to cr. M punch xx flashkick i can hit pretty much 99% of the time and apparantly this is a really tough combo to execute. My only problem is the distinct lack of mobility, i sometimes get so focused on holding down back for the charge that i struggle because im so used to just going in full man mode and with Guile i cant really do it as well but im guessing this isnt really the way you have to play him right? The person i play with is a Claw player and i find this matchup quite toughnot just with Guile but with any other character appart from Ryu. The reason i find the matchup easy with Ryu is simply because of his cr. H punch and his Shoryuken, The claw i play against literally does nothing but wall dives and izuna shennanigans and these two options i find completely shut down his game along with spamming fireballs and anti airing. I dont just want to play Ryu however, i dont think ryu is boring or anything and actually feel its quite nice to win matches with bare fundementals. I want to try and just go full lame mode with Guile and just make the Claw player break his controller in half. Im pretty good at poking him and playing footsies with him, zoning him with booms etc isnt rly a problem i just feel when he wall dives and he is right above my head im very limited to options and was wondering if you guys had any tips. You see when Claw wall dives and hes right above your head i feel like you cant rly do anything, if you Flashkick you miss him and get punished, if you jump up you get izuna dropped and the timing + auto correct changing sides of cr. fierce is quite tricky, what other options have you got against this, im playing against a pretty highly rated claw tbh hes very good at moving in the air and izuna dropping you, obviously it doesnt work 100% of the time but its still quite a bullshit move to deal with as Guile. So if you have any tips or advice for this matchup or just how to be the lamest guile possible i would very much appreciate hearing it.



I find the Vega matchup difficult… My best luck is usually air to air.

For added mobility, make use of the bazooka knee (either horizontal direction + lk) which propels you forward, and the rolling sobat (either horizontal direction + mk) which makes Guile feel a lot more fluid and mobile.


You can air grab the wall dive, it is not hard to do.

If you air grab him alot then he will open his claw early after the wall dive, that will beat out an air grab, if you think that is going to happen then just chillax and wait for him to hit the ground then punish him.

Against Vega you have either play rush down and be in vega’s face, vega has a horrible lp, and lk, his reversal moves are also poor. Or you play the a long distance game, far enough to not get hit by his long pokes. If you are getting tired of dealing with his wall dives, then just be in his face, it will be hard for him to setup a wall dive when guile is pouring on the pressure. Most of the time you can jump in on vega for free, unless he has that slide ultra.

If you are willing to give up the charge then guile is pretty mobile in my opinion.


You can be up in your opponent’s face and still have charge.


Vega has alot of mobility, it is hard to chase him down with just the bazooka knee. Now that cr.lp into is a 2 frame link, you can confidently build charge during a combo to take advantage of any opportunities, it lessens the need to constantly hold the charge. If you can hold charge and chase him down then that is all the better.

Vega does have a very strong tool that works especially well against charge characters, the ex wall dive that goes horizontal crossup. If you are in his face, it gives you alot more time to react to it and probably you can stuff it on startup as either there is no invincibility on it or the invincibility is really poor, if he is able to put you in his and range then you have less time to react to it.

If vega does not have a meter then just rush in on him, I would probably just jump in on him, vega’s flash kick needs a meter to work half decently as an AA, outside of that he has no ground based AA that is reliable/effective.


vega’s not tht hard of a match-up for guile the wall dive u can FADC it & u can air throw his super if you predict it right it’s not the easiest match-up but it’s not hard 6-4 guile or 5-5 at most any questions add me on xbl OG Swiizy


If the Vega is decent you can not jump in from long range. Standing HK and the buffed cr.HP are too good. I think the best range to fight Vega is just outside of their range.


Yea to me the best answer to the air dive is to Focus it. Sometimes depending on how he hits you may be facing backwards but then you can just dash away which puts you back into the neutral game, or he lands in front and you dash towards on reaction and punish him heavily. I usually punish with cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP, Flashkick, I think it does about 25% or more health. I don’t think it’s an easy match for Guile, but he doesn’t lose to Vega. Solid 5-5 imo.