Really need a new flash drive

So I stick my drive in the computer today, I get up to get a book, and when I come back to sit down something (the book or my leg or the chair… something) snaps the plastic off the drive and now it doesn’t even show up in My Computer.

Mind you this computer wasn’t mine, and was on the floor. Yeah, nice place to sit a computer with everything sticking out of it. :looney:

Go figure. It was fairly new too, and I haven’t gotten around to backing it up yet. sandisk cruzer micro… It felt really flimsy when I bought it, I should have known.

So basically the point of this topic, is there ANY possible way to get any of the data off the dumb thing? I assume not so… any recommendations for a nice, durable drive? Nothing huge, something around 2GB its fine. I just need something better than that cheap piece of plastic.

I have this one, doesn’t feel cheap and hasen’t failed me yet. 293 reviews and it’s at 4 1/2 stars.

This one is stainless steel…

Also Sandisk make a titanium one.

what exactly broke on the flash drive? the USB connector part? It might be possible to reconnect the internal parts if they broke apart, but you’ll need a soldering iron.

The plastic around it basically snapped apart. It doesn’t sound like a big deal (and even less so since I snapped it back on), and the actual connection part is bent a little, but that really doesn’t seem to be a big deal because its not bent real bad (And I’ve had others that I’ve bent before). I’m assuming its something inside, not sure if I want to pry it apart quite yet.

Canto, that kingston one looks like a pretty good buy.

The real problem seems to be the connection, there’s no way to get the computer to even read the drive, but apparently the data may still be on there. I heard the problem from a guy from some big shot IT guy who actually looked at the thing. :sweat: So who knows. I guess he did try to solder one piece though, but doesn’t really think that was the problem. There’s some other piece of plastic in the way I’m not sure I want to rip off at the moment.

Are there any other things I could try and do to get it to at least actually connect? I really want to do everything I can to see if the data is still there, and if it is I want to retrieve it before I get my new drive. Then I could just toss the piece of junk out.

Some way to replace the end of it maybe?

I’ve had limited success repairing these by taking the casing off to expose the flash drive’s circuit board. I will then take a cheap-o USB cable, cut the end off and strip back the shielding, and then strip the wires. Take the 4 wires and solder them to the edge of the board (if there is anything left to solder to). If not, try to trace back the 4 USB connector leads to somewhere else on the board and solder the cable to those points. Naturally, make sure you are connecting the USB wiring to the corresponding points on the board.

It’s a bit like surgery, so you’ll probably need some good soldering skills. A nice thin-tipped soldering iron, a multi-tester, and a good helping of patience are also important.

If your still looking to replace the flash drive, I’ve been very fond of Corsair and their flash drives.

4GB drive for $20 and free shipping so quite a good deal.

Got one of these on eBay the other day for only 45 dollars. It’s NTFS, has a backup of my drive, and is just like a flash drive. About as big as an iPhone. Granted it’s not a flash drive, but 120gb for 45$, shoot.

I have a harddrive, should have thrown everything on it. But they’re still just too big to carry around when you go certain places you know?

I think I’ve got a random cable lying around somewhere, I’ll look into that. Thanks.

Yeah, I know. My HDD fits in my pants pocket, but it’s ok.
Frys has a 3 pack of drives for 35 dollars.(35/3=11.667)

Whichever way you choose to go be it repairing your drive or getting a new one, best of luck with it.

When I broke my USB connector on my old flash drive, I opened it up and soldered the joints. Then I copied the data off of it and got me a 4 gig.