REALLY need help with this!

I’m a seasoned player mostly playing mvc3 and tekken 6. I had to quit the hobby for a while and i sold my sfIV TE round 1 stick. It played amazingly. Now umvc3 has come out i am struggling SEVERELY on pad as i can never land combos as easy as i did with a stick. I have looked everywhere(I am in the uk) for another one of these but every single one is out of stock for the 360 and the ones on ebay and amazon are like £300. Is my hobby finished? Please help!

Isn’t anyone helpful???

Does ship to the UK … (i would never sell my stick even if I stopped playing lol)

13 sf4 TE sticks for xbox for around 140

If you are determined to get a round 1 te stick there are a couple used ones on that ship to UK

If anyone wants to read this hope you guys had a great christmas and have a happy new year. So thanks to snadmonkey i ended up buying a new sfiv round 2 stick and i am shocked at how much better it feels compared to a hori or a round 1 for me. Rolling with a pro Wesker/Doom/Dorm until i choose between ghost rider, nemesis, nova or vergil for main. Anyone who reads this and is looking for the best stick money can buy I would go with a round 2 over EVERY other stock stick. Oh and I bought it for my ps3 along with another copy of umvc3 so now i have a 360 version i wanna sell. I will post my psn when i get good at the new characters.