Really need some help in the frustrating Vega matchup



Ok so i heard that Vega has a really hard time against Cammy. Now i feel like i am mossig something huge cos i cant Seem to win this match. I play against one person who plays vega and its possibly the least fun most frustrating thing ive ever had in this game. It just feels like im missing something big or there’s something I’m just not getting.

Let me explain, first of his wall diving shenanigans I just done get it, even if you have super human reflexes and can block his left right shit he’s completely safe can’t be punished, what can I do? Everything this troll has seems safe apart from mabey an up close slide or something.

If I try moving towards him on the ground he just sits there mashing jabs and strongs you cannot get through it and one hit leads to a big combo where he lifts you up and Izumi drops you. So you can’t move towards him on the ground so you think ok ill jump well guess what this is where you get probably the most ridiculous move in the game, his air throw, once again I can’t do anything against it, and it’s so frustrating cos in the air you can’t tech, this move is free complete bullshit.

One of the reasons I love street fighter was because for everything one player does another player can find things to do against it but it seems vega has things that you cannot do anything about, can’t jump can’t move forward and if you block his shit guess what he’s completely safe.

So please help me fellow cammy players what am I missing what am I not doing how do you deal with this bullshit cheap ass stuff? All help appreciated.


You can airthrow him off of his walldive if you’re quick, his flash kick can be baited, cr. HP is handy, spiral arrow catches backflips, he can be crossed up, cannon spike knocks a lot of stuff dead out of the air, stop jumping… ?


I ran alot of the Vega matchup recently . I think it is a fair matchup between the characters , but requires a big adjustment on how you approach the match. Simply trying to run in and rush down will get you put in a world of hurt. I am not that great at countering his walldive. If its the one that goes straight at you, you can duck it, or cannon spike it pretty safely. If hes reaching for the izuna drop, cannon spike , neutral jumping MK , and neutral jumping HK have proven decent solutions, the reactions do require practice though so not the easiest thing in the world. As far as the airthrow is considered, jumping LK can solve it, or you can fight back in kind, you have an airthrow as well, and its pretty potent.

Rushing one down on the other hand is something ive had a bit of an issue with. The main thing seems to be deciding how to keep yourself safe from being driven out with pokes during it, and there is no catch all solution to that. Training him to block your strings is a good start, once he does so on reaction you can start to space some throws in there to create some indecision . Throwing in the occasional TK ex cannon strike to catch them when they try to give you a crouching MP claw can ring a players bell pretty well . You have to be REALLY careful on jumping yourself in this match, he has alot of solutions and when he has U1 ready, he pretty much owns the air, and you have to respect that. If you can cross him up, go for it, inexperienced Claw’s will even drop their charge, giving you even more of an advantage.

Also, and this goes without saying, when you get an opening take it, be brutal with it, and make the most of it. Honestly, he has to put just as much risk out coming to you, as you do going to him, and the pacing of the match seems to be strongly dictated who can handle both situations in an intelligent fashion , its not a strict case of counter what he has and rush down.

Just my two cents, and I am fairly newbie.


Post replays. Before I write anything long again I wanna see if the OP is actually interested in the informations.

Last time I wrote something on matchups that guy never showed up again lol.