Really Nice Fighting Game Lot on Ebay

Thought I would share this with SRK as it has gone above my (low) price point…white import ps2 plus a lot of fighting games

(This is not my auction)

thanks! Checking it out now.

hmm not bad

Damn it I won’t have enough cash come next check!

Damn you Ebay…damn you.

Amazing… almost every game there I need. They all look like first editions also. No “The Best” rereleases there… making it even more expensive. Unfortunately out of my price range.

Yeah, that is a good deal, as a lot of those games go for a solid 60 bucks each. If you were just looking for the experience of playing them, it would cost about 420 dollars before shipping to acquire all of those games in one form or other. If you were to buy them all of them in their first print edition, then you are looking at spending 600 bucks. The ps2 brand new is worth about 150-180.