Really Nooby Question


Ive been playing in the practice room and I’ve been [\playing around with ryu and juri and i notice that when i try to do Juri cMK into M Pinwheel i can just do the quarter circle motion and while i do the motion i press medium click and then she will do a crouching medium kick in a pin-wheel can someone please explain wth is going on i thought i would have to crouch then press kick then QCB and then press kick again. Is this what buffing is because if so it seems to make everything easier. also how long does it take for like the down input to expire? Like if I hold down for 5 seconds and then try to do the QCB and kick will I still get a pin-wheel?


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I believe that is what buffering is, yes. The down input will not expire as long as you’re holding it.