Really Odd Phantom Button Issue

I bought an SE madcatz stick today, and the weirdest thing started happening. While in training mode, light punch kept registering while I was performing combos, even though I wasn’t even close to hitting my x button. What’s even more weird is that if I raised the stick up and down, it would register a bunch of light punches as well. If I pressed light punch myself, it would stop but moments later it would start registering them again. Is this a common problem with these sticks? Is there an easy fix, or am I better off just returning it to the store because I’m not great in the repair department.

Open it up and takes pictures.

If the stick is this new and the warranty sticker is still intact and you don’t plan on swapping the stock parts out anytime soon. I’d honestly just swap it out for a new one.

Yes, if the warranty is good, take advantage of it.