Really quick question?


I am thinking about changing my gamertag for SSF4 and I was thinking about putting SRK at the end of my gamertag

Question is do I need to do something first before I can earn the SRK at the end of my name??


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It depends on whether you want to add it to your current gamertag imo


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Its simple.
All you have to do is send a PM to a GD mod of your choice and any for each of the games you intend to play, and one for the subforum mods (IE, if its just SSF4, then just the SSF4 forum mod). When you have their approval, you forward your request to Mr Wizard along side 4 dollars to cover shipping and handling (paypal only). He will (snail) mail you a sealed envelope package containing the basic t-sr01 form. Fill it out and mail it back with the included envelope. After 2 or 3 weeks Mr Wiz will either green light it, deny it, or, if there is insufficient evidence of merit, he’ll send a more comprehensive, T-sr09 form back to be completed.
Once he rubber stamps it you’re basically done. A randomly selected, 12 peer review council will check to make sure that everything is in order. All that’s left is you submit your thesis to the general SRK population before the halfway mark of the year. Most people will make a combo or video tutorial, others write dissertations on game theory or matchups. See the sticky on Thesis threads to see the guidelines in making a proper, unbiased poll, essay format and acceptable video hosts. Then with your 2/3s majority approval you can formally submit your request for use of the SRK clantag. Once it clears the appeals (people rarely go to the trouble of filling out K-sr01’s) phase you’ll receive an email informing your of authorized status.

Hope that helps!


good luck bro


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