Really Short Story....needs to seriously be edited

Reality Check

Dear old Doug had a problem with perception of Reality. Apparently after exposing himself to so much fictional work, he became after exposing himself to some much fictional work, he became very delusion. He felt as though he was no long in touch with reality and rest of the real world. SO he decides he wants to go to a psychologist to see if they can solve his problem. So he books an appointment with a well renowned psychologist from his local area, his friend recommended.

Doug thinking that, Hey Ill call up the office and get an appointment for tomorrow and rid my self of this horrible nightmare that is fiction land. As he sits in his replica throne chair that he bought to make himself feel also more powerful while playing WOW, he finally gets through to the receptionist. To his dismay the latest opening for an appointment isnt for another three months.

Is everyone in this town having the same problem as me? Or is this a sign to get my self a reality check. Maybe somewhere off in multi-verse another person is experiencing the same dilemma as I. Perhaps Im not the one who is trapped in another world…maybe there trapped in a different world full of either left-brained fact machines or right-brained fantasy nuts. Perhaps Before Doug could finish off this thought he remembered that today was a new episode of the Brave and the Bold. Just like that he easily travels from one world to another. At one minute he is lost in deep thought trying to conjure up a reason for the way he is the next he rushed out this reality and enters another, one he is more familiar with.

Three months pass, his time has finally come. Time receive a straight clear answer from someone who hopefully has a fine grasp on reality.

Doug kept telling himself, He knows best. He knows best. Etc up until he finally was let into the psychiatrists private office. There he knew that he would finally get the answers he desired most. Hopefully after meeting and talking to this expert of the human psyche, he could finally come to terms with this unnatural attraction to the nonexistent world he keeps finding himself isolated in.

The first thing he psychiatrist asks is, Whats the problemDoug is it? staring at him with an expression that words couldnt describe, it was both emotionless and caring that the same time. Almost like a robot.

Well you see, umm how to I put this exactly. I dont think that Im able to distinguish the difference between the real world, fictional world, your world, my world, its just so overwhelming at times. I need a straight answer doc! grabbing the psychiatrists shirt.I must know how can I get my head outta the clouds, and down back to earth.

The psychiatrist just looking at Doug, simply said, Is that all?with a small chuckle afterwards. If only I had a dollar for every time someone came to me with a problem like this. Doug where to do feel the happiest, where do you feel most comfortable. If thats in more than one place maybe you live in more than one reality. Reality is how one perceives, and no one body can tell this is real and this isnt there is no absolute truth to prove it, just a hella of a lot of it.

Doug Walking out with a sign of relief, feels as if he finally got his answer, but as he exists for the door the psychiatrist ask, If something is here before youre here and will be here after youre here such as fiction and fictional characters, then I ask you who is really real? <—I plan on putting up a new story at some point >.>
let me know what you guys think

Overall it was a pleasant read, but yea you definitely need an editor lol. The lack/misuse of punctuation made it less-than-easy to read and some sentence structure could have used work.

Also I was hoping for more, so I agree with you that it was “really short” lol.