REALLY SIMPLE stick art request

It’s for an agetec mod, and I really like this pic. So I wanna use it as my sticks background.

The image I want is from a page in a manga (Hajime no Ippo; Vol. 58, pp. 135), and all I want is it cut from the page, blown up and and if need be, resolution/dpi increased. That’s it, no editing, effect adding, or coloring. In other words, cut out, enlarge and clean up, then put it on a white background so I can get it printed and position it under my stick.

I can’t do this one myself because I don’t have photoshop, nor do I know how to use it :sweat:. And MSPaint, while it can cut and blow, you can’t clean up w/ or increase resolution/dpi…or you can, but I don’t know how to do that either.

I have the [scanned] page on my PC, but can’t find a link of it online. It’ll be e-mail/PM-ed to whoever does it.

Thanks in advanced.

  • Geronimo

You could upload the pic to or if the file size is too big you could try and if it’s still too big you could upload it at and just post the link to the image. I hope that helps you out… dood.


But I think I figured out how to do it on MSPaint afterall :razz: :sweat:.

Thanks again.

  • Geronimo

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