Really struggling in general with online Viper. Please help!



I feel like the game is so much more lenient in lag towards every other character except Viper.

A lot of time my moves simply DO NOT COME OUT AT ALL and its so frustrating.

Also I can turn a lot of my mid-screen confirms into combos online (using bk cancel H knockdown then seismo ex burn kick).

Online, I can’t ADDF after an air throw to be close enough to start the box dash loop otg. It just doesn’t come out at all.


What kind of help are you even expecting? Lag is lag. You either deal with it or you stop playing online.


Moved to the Viper forum. :tup:


Keep practicing, playing C. Viper online can be very frustrating. Just work on a damaging combo that is easy enough to do online. I never do three reps of a staircase loop online since it seems the opponent falls to fast unless the connection is godlike. Also, DO NOT PLAY VIPER?DANTE online, it will give you a ton of headaches. Converting off Jam Session is a joke online, mid-screen at least.