Really useful zangief tactic against Ken



Hi people,

I found a pretty decent stuff to do against ken, with zangief, Here’s the story…

I was playing someone online, he picked ken and I picked zangief, I’m decent with him, we both won 1 round so it was down to the final round, (3rd round) That round I had tinchy bit of energy and he had like less than half maybe, I had ultra, Revenge bar up, at once he done the hurricane kick for ken, (Not ex), I did not block it, after ken finishes the hurricane kick (works with ex) you can get a free ultra or a super(360’s too)I tried to do the ultra it worked , I got him with it, I got ultra combo finish so does this thing work, I won, he had a lot of points, he was really good, but was I luck or not? I tried this same with my brother, he was ken and I was zangief, not a real match, he tried to do the hurricane kicks and I did not block and then I actually tried to do the ultra and it works, (It does not just work with ultra, it works with 360 and the super) I played someone a ken last night, (he wasn’t really good) and I did try that trick which I was doing against my brother. So What do you guys think about this, did you knew this already? please give ur opinion about this. :pleased:


Really innovative stuff! -_-


Does this help you, and I tested with ryu and akuma’s hurricane, they recover much faster.


Judging by the -_-, I think it was sarcasm.

However I would probably use this, as I’ve known Ken’s hurricane seems to put him right in harms way sometimes. But what’s bad for Ken is good for us. Or so I would like to assume. Should someone come in here and say Ken’s hurricane is safe, then I shall change my train of thought next time I face a Ken…

and just slap his ass outta the air with an EX Green Hand. :p:




you think this is any good? Ken hurricane kicks can bring in some pain with zangief only, no one else, zangief can get a free ultra to do after his hurricane kick.


Ken’s hurricane kick is unsafe on hit and sometimes on block (distance plays a factor). This won’t work for Akuma/Ryu. It works because the start-up for Gief’s ultra is essentially nil…any move that doesn’t have nil or near nil startup will be crushed by scrubby follow up DP/throw.

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Huh? He can’t jump?


This is trick does not work on akuma/ryu, they recover much faster for sure.


I meant Ken, can’t he jump away in time?


Nope, takes time to recover for him, so in the meanwhile zangief can spam a ultra.


What kind of horrible ken threw an unsafe hurricane kick against a gief with full ultra?


tip to beat scrubs :wink: as it would be needet… i you learn to read framedata you would know without playing^^


Valaris - I don’t know, It was a match in championship mode, he was actual a ryu player by telling he had a ryu icon.

Reaper - well, I haven’t really played any scrubs yet.


If you’re playing online, you’ve played scrubs.

Ken frame data

No hurricane kick is safe on block. MK and EX hurricane kick are safe on hit. LK and HK are not (against gief).


ex works as well what I can tell you for zangief.


EX HK is safe on hit. Read the frame data. All he has to do is hold up or mash DP.


How is this new? It’s was common knowledge that hurricane kick was unsafe on hit… you can do the same thing with a dozen other moves. And your wrong if you think you arent playing scrubs, obviously you were playing against one when you did this, and are quite possibly an unwitting scrub yourself if this thread is any indication.


Now that we are on the topic:

I use to punish kens like this all the time but sometimes they seem too fast and get a DP in.

My question, is it because my input was sloppy or are there ways for ken to avoid getting hit by Giefs command throws?
Btw: I only experience this when I blok the tatsu…


aren’t air tatsus safe on block? though I concur that the only time Ken should be using it at all vs Z, is to GTFO of corners, or off of a hit confirm. furrill.


I think Its possible for ken to hit it safe with HK if your JUST inside the collision of his big toe, but
a) if I see an unsafe tatsu I walk into it as I start my 360 motion just to be certain.
b) no one can actually time and space that intentionally, since any movement at all on your part would throw it off.

I think there are times they can get off the hook because of this but they are largely flukes.