Really wanna improve my fighting game skills for MvC 3 when it comes out!


Hello all I’m new to and I saw the newbie dojo forums. I wanted to know what would be some good tips to help me elevate my game for MvC 3 when it’s finally released. I pre ordered the game and the fight stick for it and I really wanna to be an elite competitor online in the future. I would like to think that I’m better than average in MvC 2 right now but I want to be much better for MvC 3. Any bit of advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Stop thinking you want to be great online, and start thinking offline. The fastest way to become a better player is to find local players and play offline. There are regional matchmaking forms on SRK, and no matter how far in the woods you may think you are, chances are you will find at least some local competition.

Also, there’s only 2-3 days before it releases, so there’s not much you can really do. Watch some players who DO have it play it, (team spooky stream, for example), if you have TvC feel free to mess around with Zero or Joe, as the TvC incarnations have a lot in common with the MvC3 incarnations.


I see what you mean when you say don’t think about online as much, I just figured that since I go to school in West Virginia (West Virginia University) which is way up in the mountains that there isn’t that many people who play fighting games, but if you say there should be some local competition then I’ll definitely look into it. I also have been looking into some videos online of people who already have the game trying to pick up some ideas and tactics but I guess I’ll just have to wait until the game is released lol. Thanks for the advice!!