Rear guard running battles and smoother styles




I’m really just looking for other players experiences in Akuma development:

So recently I feel as if I’m getting better with my Akuma - and I’m finding in a lot of battles that I’m controlling the tempo, getting the other player to dance to my tune, zoning - call it what you will.

  1. What I’m finding is that I’m not doing ‘runaway’ but definately always moving backward and tatsu/teleporting back across the screen when I hit the corner. I do come forward (as running into a corner is usually BAD) but overall I seem to be hit and fade, hit and fade, hado, hado, hado, hado.

Does anyone else find this or am I the only chump about that can’t seem to make rushdown Akuma a viable strategy? Sure sometimes you HAVE to rushdown (Akuma vs Akuma I find you WILL die if you try to play run away) but usually its just using fireballs to chip away, upset your oppoenent, a BnB here and there and keep doing it.

  1. My ‘style’ looks nothing like the cool, controlled flow that Momochi, Ed Ma and other Akuma players seem to get going. While I’m not always reacting only to my opponent I find that I’m always doing a lot of work - the pace seems a lot more frantic and ‘out of control’ that what I see from a lot of the best in the business. Worse is that its more effective (playing Online G2) than when I try anything else. Perhaps it changes in time as my skills go up but its something I noticed tonight… Does anyone else find this?




Akuma is a higher level character for the following reason-
execution, composure and control in defense and offense at all times is needed.

It requires a higher level of skill to attack (safely) then it is to defend/zone.
Confidence/composure when rushing down is a key attribute needed. Some players fear counters and will mash-out normals/lights to prevent the opponent from having that window of opportunity.
But to effectively rush down with Akuma - one needs to execute set-ups (to confuse the opponent)… which generally lack cancels (mash fighting).

Most players learn to zone/defend first with Akuma (eventually becoming reliant totally on this strategy). But the only way to level up is to practice his offense. Sure you might lose a lot of health… and a lot of matches in the process. But it’s the only way to get better.
Defense can only get you so far up the ladder

If you are playing friendly matches… what is there to lose? no money on the line… have fun jumping around like a ninja doing high damage set-ups.


I typed out a huge paragraph on how rushdown akuma is easier to play lol, but im just gonna say: be safe and punish everything with damaging combos. Thats it. a safe akuma is a good akuma.


I just thought I’d add:
When you fight a completely defensive/counter game - it really emphasizes the stamina difference of Akuma. You have to work very hard to keep the opponent out for a long period of time. And you need to be on the ball because after awhile… they can work out the holes in your defense.

Take these two links for example vs Gief
Akuma (Adeel) vs Zangief (Jan): [media=youtube]whHTHjtJHfY[/media]
Winner’s Final: Akuma (Adeel) vs Zangief (Jan): [media=youtube]hXrTTEMIlFA[/media]
A good Gief player will eventually break through. And his damage output is so high he only needs to do so little to hurt you bad. That’s why - if an opportunity presents itself (hit-confirm)… go for the full max punish. No holding back! Sure he might be spamming SPD or LARIAT during your string… but that is no excuse to stop. Execution and composure really counts here.

The old saying: “the best defense is a good offense”; If you make the assaults (safe) and go for the set-ups (mostly safe) then you will deal big damage. If you deal big damage… you essentially scale the opponents stamina to as low as yours.
Akuma takes big damage… but he also gives it out!

From a practicing (to get better in the long run) p.o.v - it’s best to mix half and half defense and offense. Because you need to train your offense to clutch on any opening the opponent gives you.

Eventually you turn into a Jap Akuma!
Defensive wall game keeping the opponent out (for most of the game) until the opponent makes a mistake… and then CLUTCH!!!
And when you get to such a deadly level and play a “lesser opponent”… the whole round is Shin Akuma offense!


i’ve really been working on execution for the last month or so, 1-2hrs/day in training, in an effort to get my bnbs down for rushdown purposes. in the last week or so, it’s started paying dividends. my best games are when i get the the knock down. i’m in their face the whole time after that; air fbs followed by df mix ups as they’re getting up. kids just don’t know what to do, as they’re not use to being pushed all the time by akuma.

i’d definitely say, once you’ve got the execution down, rush the shit out of them. risk is fucking up execution, which really hurts with low stamina. but hey, it’s a learning opportunity and a way to get comfortable with pushing the enovolope. rush down akuma is king (so fast, so much damage, so many ways to mix shit up.):tup:


nub thoughts

I share your problem. I love the big combos, but I win more matches if I stay back and through lots of fireballs, and teleport to the other side when I get to a corner.

I have started to find a few more effective ways to get in a little more safely.

  1. All that fireball throwing will charge up your super meter, so you can use the ex demon flip, which can catch people off guard if you’ve been playing defense for a while.

  2. After a knockdown, I like to jump back with a lp air fireball to keep the other guy blocking on startup, then you can walk in and play mind games
    -get back to your defensive fireball game
    -walk up and c lk or c mk in fireball for chip
    -walk up and c lk or c mk into closer demon flip / cross ups
    -f+mp overhead

mid level players get really mixed up with the c lk, mk into demon flip stuff, especially if you’ve been playing defense before that.

Gief is one of my favorite match ups because they always use the lariat to dodge the fireballs, and you can punish the lariat if you hit it as it is finishing with a demon flip, do you combo and get your distance back.

Hope some of those ideas are useful…


Dude that’s all I do, rush down rush down. Then when I have a huge lead, run away run away. I’m so cheap.


I play both defensive and offensive. I seem to mix it up at random. I’ve beaten most of the people I fought on Live but I fought J.R. Rodriguez, who’s one of the best Akumas in the world, and he was just dominating my Akuma. A habit of mine is to jump back and fireball when someone gets too close, but J.R. would just punish me with Roundhouse Far or Demon. My offensive game relies solely on demon flips and Roundhouse Far, but J.R. would just keep punishing them.


I like to break into flowchart Akuma to bait an AA demon. That is to say, jump back air fireball, followed by red fireball. I was playing a few matches yesterday and I had some awesome Demons. Including baiting a Ryu to jump over a red ball at full screen, right into the Ultra.

And speaking of Ryu, what’s up with Ryus that ultra my red ball from full screen? That’s worse than an Akuma that throws a naked Demon…