Reason for HB nerf?

Has capcom made any statement as to why they nerfed HB? As far as typical reversal/aa moves go it kind of sucks. It has a slow start up, long recovery, low damage and can’t be FADC’ed. It’s easy to safe jump making it a terrible reversal and it trades more often than c.HP making it a terrible aa. Really the only use for it was to get around projectiles and during combos. But now it has a longer recovery so using it to get around projectiles is riskier and it does less damage lowering it’s value within a combo. So capcom basically just took a bad move and nerfed it’s two remaining uses. I just don’t get it, what justification could they possibly have? I wish capcom left comments on their patch notes so there wouldn’t be players like me who are puzzled by their choices. I just don’t see the point in making a bad move worse.

Headbutt wasn’t amazing by any means, but it wasn’t bad either. It had good invincibility (ex), went through fireballs, and always combos into Ultra for no more meter than is required to do the move.

That being said, I didn’t really care either way when I found out it was nerfed.

cuz noob spam it in hope.

From what I understand the longer recovery is only on block which was punishable anyway, so no real change for high level play. The only real nerf is a slight damage nerf. Mago has gone on record saying that Balrog is one of the strongest characters in the game so it appears that they want to lower his power level.

not that big of a deal. You shouldn’t be using a hb when there’s a possibility of it being blocked. The damage reduction kinda sucks for HB ultra. Hopefully ultra 2 will have some viability.

Not like Gief or Hawk do retard damage or anything.

He’ll still be the same old Balrog, yeah. No one even throws out naked headbutts

It was nerfed for no good reason… plain and simple.

i think they nerfed it because it fucked up alot of attack strings without even needing ex meter. for example if i play against a vega and he does a block string of cr lp x3 cr mp, i can headbutt trough the mp and blow him up with ultra afterwards. you can do this to so many characters that i think capcom wanted to increase the risks for doing headbutts. But fuck im not happy about that change either :T

Well then they need to nerf every special in the game ever

I could be wrong, but my guess is the ability to HB through some character’s FAs and recover fast enough to punish.

lol talking about vega’s string isn’t solid at all.

I don’t understand the nerf either balrog players aren’t winning big tournaments.

I don’t think anybody minds that the recovery is worse on block. If someone blocks headbutt you are already screwed anyways. I don’t think the change makes it any more or less risky to do in a situation where the other guy has a chance to block it. I mean … you have to be pretty gutsy to try to headbutt through someone’s block (pseudo) string. The payoff seems so terrible. You can’t make it safe with FADC, and the most you get is a relatively low damage ultra off of it.

Where people will be affected most is the increased recovery on whiff … in situations where you aren’t even trying to hit the other guy anyways. Headbutting to advance and build meter against fireballers … or headbutt shenanigans on knockdowns … or whiffing a headbutt to escape the corner in certain situations.

Prob to take away (well make it riskier) for rogs to escape from cross ups and to take away the post HB, HB ambig land mixup he got after a bnb. I remember they nerfed vipers back throw in super from vanilla (you got pushed out further away from the opponent) to take away her bk buffer ambig land setups on opponents. Prob felt it was too strong against charge chars or something, but anyways reminds me of that a bit.

140 damage on headbutt is just way too much apparently.

IDK. I see even JSMaster sometimes throw out a Random HB’s. Calculated risk yes, but still outside of combos.

Getting through booms and tigers will suck donkey balls now.

I used it to go through fbs and get that ex/super which I value more than ultra. It seems like a pointless nerf because even in vanilla if it was blocked you’re screwed anyway and if it sniffs you’re most likely too far away for em to punish even with the increased recovery.

Has this been confirmed? The only nerf I was worried about was the longer recovery. If this is true then I see no real big change for him. I can’t wait to screw around with st.strong.

so now whats the damage for the HP version, like 120?

recovery effects lower level play. easier to punnish randomness.

I think it’s less random and more of reading your opponent.

I wouldnt expect the guy to throw out a random one in the beginning of round one, but the middle of round two then yeah, if you can analyze what your opponent may do.