Reason why you don't use top tier characters

I was gonna make this thread in 3S general strategy but I guess it can apply to all games.

I often read posts where people say how much they hate the top 3, or how they knowingly go into a match with a disadvantaged character. I always wonder what goes through their minds when they lose, or why they even picked that character in the first place. Some people say that (for example) Hayao uses Hugo because he genuinely feels that he is most effective with him and wouldn’t be able to replicate his success with another character. So instead of assuming why people do it, I figured I would ask.

Winning with a top tier character isn’t fun to me. I play with low tiers because I prefer the challenge, and the fun factor.

Also, Not once have I ever complained about using a low tier character in a match. If I lose, I take the loss, and continue playing. I choose the character and accept his advantages and disadvantages.

personally I use low tier characters cause I find them fun to play most of the time, while the higher tier characters normally have a more simple play style(this does not include all high tier characters obviously, just most of them) low tier characters require that extra edge to win with them. Guess thats why I gravitate towards low tier characters in fighters.

you should just use whatever char fits your style. may it be ken or Q

I pick the character I like, regardless of tier.

I agree. It’s sad how a lot of people tend to gravitate toward the top even though there may be another character that fits their style better. I’m sure a lot of people feel that no matter how their particular style is played, they’d inevitably do better with Ken or Chun which I believe is a big misconception.

I probably should’ve thought longer and made more poll options. :frowning:


I’m not exactly a ‘serious’ fighting game enthusiast, I just find them really really fun. So when I make character selections, I don’t base it on who may help me win the best, but who I can have the most fun with.

This isnt directed to any of you low tier warriors.

But the people I know who use low tiers only are always the kind of people who crave attention and pity for using the characters they use. They usually criticise the way me and my friends play and say things like “that takes no skill” and “you guys dont play to have fun”. Quite frankly I have alot of fun playing Yun vs Ken or MSP vs Santhrax (or vice versa).

I respect players like Kuroda, but when people say that games cant be fun without using low tier characters and that you dont have skill unless you use low tier characters without knowing what it takes to have a good Yun or MSP is offensive to me.

I play with style.

I enjoy using low tier characters because i cherish the look on my oppenents faces after I rush them down.

If they lose to another high tier character it’s no big deal. But when they lose to a “shitty” character …well…it’s just priceless.


The truth of the matter is, finding a character that best suits your style will probably not only make your experience more fun, but you’ll probably do better than if you just run for the top tier characters. Of course, it always helps if you like top tiers and can do well with them. :wink:


Problem --> study --> solution --> new problem gets me off, and there’s more of that with a lower tier character than with a higher tier. That’s not to say I always go with low tier, though. Dhalsim in ST is one example.

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In the past, I used to pick low-tiers for the Scrub Excuse (exception being GG). After getting perfected by a low tier team in MvC2, I started playing with character whose styles I like. Now I don’t even think about tiers when choosing a character.

Just pick who appeals to you and fits your style.