Reasons for 8 Buttons?


I’m modding my TE with an art print and plexi from Art’s Hobbies soon, and I’m trying to plan the button layout for it. Currently, I only play with 6 buttons and have the 2 far right buttons disabled, so I’m inclined to go for a 6 button layout. But I’m wondering, are there any fighting games out there that use 7 or 8 buttons, or absolutely need 4 buttons in a row to play comfortably?

Not to mention aesthetically with my art the button/balltop colors I wanted to use make more sense with an 8 button layout (red balltop, 6 black buttons, 2 red buttons on far right). Tough decisions D:


6-Button is cooler.
8-Button is dick.


They do it because otherwise you would be missing buttons that are on the controllers

I don’t know of any games that uses more than 6.

Some vewlix panels have 7 buttons on them though


The main reason to use 8 would be so that on a TE stick you can adjust from a curved layout to straight whenever you want. Or if you absolutely need all the buttons for navigating the menus (though I think if you use RB and LB you should be able to navigate most menus).

EDIT: And if you play SNK games, despite what some think, you only need 6 buttons (well technically 4, but I’m assuming you’d want to play Capcom games still). The top 3 and bottom-left 1 button make a great SNK layout (and modern SNK games use the left 4).


6 button is way cooler. To disable them, just get a 6-button plexi and remove the right two.

Reasons? Maybe for Menu navigation, having all of your buttons for typing messages, the Neo-Geo 4 button (but is primarily why people have 7 buttons). Also, some people have them assigned as “no function” to click them to distract opponents. (IE, opponent hears the buttons, and expects an attack, but is being played. It’s outlandish, but not unheard of)

Seriously, though, Kyle (and as Upas mentioned) said it right
6-button is cooler.
8-button is dick



Reasons for the other two to exist:
-Make sure all buttons are accessible for game menu stuff. On a six button, you don’t have the button to go to the previous page of ‘banners’ on SF4 or cycle backwards through the emoticons in the lobby; in both cases you have to cycle all of the way through to get to an earlier page or emoticon.

  • A 3K or 3P crutch button. This is evil and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Preference for the top row of four buttons for four button SNK games. I prefer the Short, Jab, Strong, Fierce layout myself, but its a personal preference.

If you prefer six buttons, get a six button panel. You won’t miss out on anything; the headache in the first bullet point is actually pretty rare to come across, and is never a game breaker, only a rarely used minor annoyance.


Eight button layout as long as there are characters that have a special that require PPP/KKK (Balrog) to be held down. Remove that function (ala Cody, Elf), and my desire for eight buttons go way down.


Look where Kyle got that from.
And in turn, where Upas got from of Kyle.


I knew that! But it’s 100% true.
jdm you have the best quotes.


Guys, sorry to sound noobish but wouldn’t some people prefer 8 buttons for PPP or KKK. In SSF4 most ultra’s would require this to be used. I know its not that hard to press all 3 P’s or K’s when required on a stick but still 1 button vs 3?


I don’t think there are any Ultras that would require a PPP or KKK Button.


Yeah, jdm is due all of the credit for that one. I laughed so hard when I originally read it.

My personal opinion is that the original Namco stick got this right years ago. People will counter that the extra two buttons are good for menu navigation. That’s swell. Put them up top like the Namco/VSHG.

I won’t argue with anyone who says they like the Vewlix 7. I have a Neo-Geo cab that uses the slanted four across layout. It’s quite comfortable.

What makes me sad is when peeps plug the last two. It’s like they knew the extra buttons were unnecessary before they even got it.


Well people that plug the last two, cant afford a plexi, or cant find a stick that comes with 6 buttons, because most come with 8, and some people find it annoying pressing the two extra by accident, even if they are unregistered. I have and like 7 buttons


^sektr, I hear ya. I ordered 6 button plexi from Art.


I think what others also do, is have the last two buttons set to disabled and “fake” a move while pressing on one of the last two buttons.

some people “listen” to what the person next to them is doing, i think this is what happened with JW at evo when he threw out those two random ultras against gamerbee…


3P and 3K macros for Ultras are unnecessary, hitting 3 buttons is easy enough.


Are there any important menu actions that use the last two buttons on PSN, I dont know what to get next, 6, 7, or 8 button. (currently have a 6) I dont use macros but want menu navigation. (i have two extra 30mm, NOT 24mm so i cant put the last two buttons next to on the side of the case)


no, the last 2 arent needed for psn, also do 6, or 7 if you play lots of neogeo games that require 4 in a row like i do


Personal preference is 7 button. I can play SNK games with lk lp mp hp, or the top row. it also leaves the option open to other people using my stick for the curved or straighter layout. its not that hard to find somewhere else for the other button, if needed for menu input.


I don’t know why people have a problem with the top row plus the bottom left button for SNK. If you compare it to the standard SNK layout from the 90s (not everyone’s cabs were the same) then that style is definitely closer. Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about: . I know to each their own, I’m just genuinely curious. Plus, the 3+1 layout fits the natural curvature of the human hand, whereas the top 4 makes you spread out your hand in an unnatural fashion (and I have big hands).