Reasons for charge partitioning

…a few months ago i could master a little the partitioning tecnique with remy’s both LoV and RRF… but is there any use for it? this actually helps to make that LoV combo i saw in “ode to the 2 hits” (cause i actually saw Remy launching and comboing a couple of lov’s on Oro.) or they are different stuff?

Exactly how does one charge partion anyways?

I just started playing with the guy (and I love him) so I’m curious.


Well in few words it alows u to do your LOV and RRF quicker. In the case of LOV u could also make wierd things like doing ur costum made LOV special.

That someway to describe it.

I think the charge partion thingy is good to know so that way u can do more mind games but just knowing how to do it dosen’t mean u will always win. Plus it adds to ur range power, def and offense so I would say it kick ass.

but the opponent isn’t going to sit on his ass and wait for that LoV of RRF to hit him… they’ll either parry the thing or just block it…

Charge partitioning is extremely helpful, especially with Remy. Without partitioning, it is hard to use his specials offensively, but if you partition, you can run around the screen and then suddenly bust out a move. It lets you pressure better because you don’t have to stop attacking to use your moves. Dashes, jumps, and UOH’s are good general times to partition.

There are a couple of threads around that explain how to partition. Look back in the Remy or Urien forums or maybe the general strategy section.

Thanks man but i already know how to charge partition. It was a lot easier than I thought!! so charge partitioning works for mind games mainly?


Yeah I understand that people can block it or parry it plus they won’t stay there waiting for u.

For example (Take note people around where I live only consider shotos has good characters so they usaly always rush down even so some people know better but still the following example works)

I trow a LOV HK usaly since they try to jump it and kick my ass by doing an jumping attack or trying to dash so they can grab me.

But since I know some them will do this tactic I start to charge for a RRF so if by any chanche they are in my range I would realese the RRF. Most of the time it conects other parry instead

Another example is that I dash foward and I star charging my RRF in the dash since most of them tend to jump me in duno why so when I end my dash I could do the RRF the same could be said if u charge for a LOV.

The point is that charge partion can make Remy play more offense than defense and most people have problem with that since they expect u to be always defensive.

PS: I am newbie to Remy I been using him for 2 to 3 months but I take break in between so u could say I been using him for at least one whole month. Also charge partion can help the gap of charging characters in not parrying so much compared to other charcaters.

Chunster: Yeah, it’s mainly for mind games in the sense that normally, if you are dashing, your opponent knows you won’t do a special. Thus, they are free to poke you out of whatever or throw you. However, if you partition, they can’t take anything for granted. If you dash, you may have a charge stored and your rrf will beat their poke or throw. It’s like with ken, if he dashes in and dragon punches you, you’ll think twice before sticking out another move. Partitioning gives remy this same power to intimidate.

It works on defense, too. If you are charging meter with, someone can easily parry in. If you are partitioning, there may be a LOV or RRF waiting behind it.

The explanation of partitioning was more for Liquid.

Liquid: If I understand you right, I think you may be confusing partitioning and buffering (kind of). Thongboy likes when people do that:

A simplified description would be that buffering lets you charge during another move. Partitioning lets you charge during multiple other moves. Buffering is important as well, but has less dramatic effects. In your dash, RRF example: If you buffered it, you would dash, crouch for a second, then RRF. If you partition, you can do the RRF immediately after a dash, never actually crouching. An example of that is: jump, [charge down during jump], land,[stop charging when you land], dash, [charge down during dash], dash ends,up+k.

man i started crying when i got my first charged partitioned RRF from a dash… :sad: it’s just beautiful… thanks anyway for the info it was very helpful. Think of playing remy again when i master Oro…

My bad Sundu since my english sucks but thx for the link even so sometimes I get confused and tend to thinking of it buffering and charge partion has the same thing.(Yeah anoying problem but oh well)

I am a big fan of storing charges during a move.

ie: an ooponent does and empty jump (while i was crouching) i do s.HP (neutral stick) then do up + FK or even EX to mix up if tehy parry the s.HP. i also parry air attacks in a similiar way. I crouch before to get charge then i parry at last second then press up+FK or KK to punish them. Much better than judging timing for a late RRF anyways :). As for partioning by using things like UoH and during dashes, you have to be extra careful to not looses the timing cause if there is any gap without any downward pressure on the stick or an “animation” before the move is executed you loose charge. I prefer to partioning in combos. I have foudn you can store a charge for an entire combo release it during the final hit then finishing it off for the cancel. (ie j.FK (hodl down in air), s.HP(not holding down), xx Up+KK) works wonderful :slight_smile: