Reasons why you love Guile...GO

I love playing Guile when people underestimate him then I woop their ass :slight_smile:

I feel so god damned manly when I charge up that sonic boom and they jump over it just for me to air throw them back into the corner…everything guile does is so macho…it’s like I feel so patriotic playing him even though im not from the US

Guile for president

Guile is like a very sharp tool.

In the right hands, he can be very devastating to your opponents. In the wrong hands, he’d just hurt you more than your opponents. I like the fact that he’s a very precise character to use and very technical. Adds challenge to the games and it’s much more satisfying when you win.

doing that, c.lp, to boom and then sweep makes you feel god lk and so powerful

I hear the conan barbarian opening theme in my head when I pull it off

LOL. Me too man. Something like this happened to me last night. I was playing some player matches and I played a guy and the first 2 matches I was just fooling around so I picked Honda and Rufus. Keep in mind that I play with these characters but I’m not really good with them and don’t put in time with them training and stuff. So the guy beats me and does the little pink laughing face at the start up screen for online matches. I got Guile the next two matches and thoroughly whooped his ass. I think in a couple of the rounds the only damage he got on me was chip from a fireball lol… After that he put up the little blue crying face!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. You will NEVER get called cheap for winning with Guile. They have a forum in one of the other threads asking who the 6 hardest characters to when with are, and Guile is on about 80-90% of those people’s list. Meaning that you have to work for your wins with Guile. Nothing is a given!

hahahahaha i love when they put that face then leave right after, shits classic

Because reversal super off a blocked Boxer dash punch feels oh-so-good.

Also, airthrows are pimp

You wouldn’t get called “cheap” for winning with Guile.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten: “fucking pussy ass licker” (or something like that), and a bunch of other hate mail. But I must agree, I don’t THINK I’ve been called cheap… but damn, when it’s against a competent player (very hard to come by on PC, PSN is better…), it feels SO GOOD to win. SO good!

On PC version, I’ve gotten more compliments than hatemail. Once I jumped back into PSN (after like a month or 2 hiatus from PSN), I get 3 pieces of hatemail in one day. -_-".

air throwing
st. fiercing to the face
corner raping
ex booming
landing 1 frame links

I never thought Guile sucked.

Airthrow, I thought he was badass since WW just because of his appearance and the fact that i wanted his build when i grew up, he actually has to FIGHT to win, his name is really cool sounding, normals you can imitate in real life, bad ass looking backfist , cool attitude, hilarious win quotes sometimes, awesome nickname

When i used to play on PC, alot of people were really mature compared to when i had borrowed m friend PS3. Now that i have a PS3, i guess alot of people are mature, but far more people are just plain stupid

PC people do seem nicer haha I get a lot of ‘gg, liked when you did this’ and I send my share too. Even have people send me advise on match ups


Air throws are the shit.
That ‘wtf’ look you get when you maul some one with him is classic
And I do love the fact that you have to WORK for every win.

He’s a very technical character. He’s kinda like the thinking man’s fighter! To me the majority of the time charge characters are innately more technically demanding than swivels, can’t land a random link and roll with it into a big combo! Gotta have that charge on hand. Plus I love playing Guile as of recent 'cause he’s so close to being real dangerous and super might make it so :smiley: We can hope so at least :confused:

Landing 1 frame links is a good one and corner rapping is just hands down one of the best things about Guile. That’s a part of my game that I have REALLY been putting a lot of time into lately.

I feel you man. I think Guile is on the edge of beast mode and hopefully in Super they give him the tools he needs. I just hope they don’t OP him.

Just to add to the list

**FAD>Ultra (While the fireball is still in mid air.) **This shit feels awesome, if you haven’t done it yet then you need to try it. It feels great!
FADCing to continue corner rapping. I did this on a guy today. I know a lot of people don’t expect Guile to FADC but it’s something that I have been doing a lot of lately. It works great in the corner.

lol i was playing shady k yesterday ( who was raping me, i wont even lie) and his seth threw out a SB so i FAD ultrad through it, felt so nice :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve been adding FAs(in general) into my game - esp on wakeup and what not. Most of the time, people just expect you to backdash, but there’s always the odd time when you catch the person running away, score a crumple, and get BIG (i use the word quite lightly) damage. lol.

Also, FADCing through fireballs is another thing I’ve been trying to get down more consistently. Lag usually screws me over and I end up eating a FB. A note on FADC>ultra: your timing is one thing, but your spacing is also important as well. I think if you’re about within 1.5 sweep distances, you should be able to hit your opponent (non Guile - I don’t know if you would want to try to FADC>Ultra Guile’s SB…).

because hes the closest to what I have to charlie

Somethin about him just works for me. I try real hard to stick with like, Ken or Akuma, because I always kinda think I prefer execution characters who drop big damage. But, truth be told, I’m most comfortable playing Guile. I play a very defensive d/b Guile, chipping away with anti-airs, air throws, boom chip, been getting better at using FK as an anti-air (you need to land that shit -deep-), etc.

I think deep down I just so much prefer to play the game and think more about spacing and controlling that space, rather than how best to mix up my opponent. Though, I have been integrating max-range overheads into my game. That shit has deceptively long range, like, by no means do the models connect and it -still- hits. Almost positive you can punish shoto low forwards with it too. Focus Attacks I still prefer to stay away from, again, with the defensive mind-set, I burn that on safe wake-ups. Don’t even really toss that many EX booms, more often than not build super and punish with it to help make up for the lack of damage I put out.

For sure man. I think you and I play alike. I can theoretically go through a fight without burning meter at all. I think I’ve conditioned myself to not rely on EX anything too much - mainly because I am mostly able to keep them out. And when I get cornered down, I can be quite patient - very evident in my Boxer match ups. lol

Of course, when it’s fireball wars, EX booms are a must. <sigh>… damn Sagat.

i like saving meter for SB xx super when i can. so fun

Pretty much this, lol.

I only just started to mess around with guile in the past 2 or 3 days (I main Chun), but every time I pull off one of his strings it just feels so damn satisfying. It’s like “that’s right motherfucker my B&B is a 1 frame link (albeit easy as fuck to pull off if you know how to plink) and I just threw a fucking explosion in your face. What’s good now?” I also like>overhead. ‘block all you want bitch but I’ll still gonna fuck your shit up’.

Also: Sonic Boom wars > Hadouken/Tiger Wars.

The target combo works only if your opponent is not privy to it. If they’re expecting it, prepare for a world of hurt…
But yes, I do agree that Guile’s combos are quite satisfying when you get them down, but most of the time, you never many chances to do highly damaging combos. =(