Rebalance changes for viper suggestions

so on eventhubs it is announced that there will be rebalancing. what would you like to see happen to viper. i personally would like to see a minor health buff, or a proper cr. mk range. however, the mk range probably wont happen because it might make her too good. anyway ,again, what do you want to see

Fix Hitbox on foot, not on shin.

If they don’t want that, then forget rebalancing Viper. I can work with her health and whatever. Viper’s good- let’s not risk pulling an AE Fei Long here.
But I fear that the BK’s are gonna be nerfed again. I’ll admit, +4 is a lot.

actually forget what i said, i just want a decent reversal in hp tk and make it hit cr shorts cause it sucks

Incoming damage/stun/frame advantage nerfs

I think she should stay exactly the same. No buffs or nerfs plzz. But unfortunately, I predict that she will be nerfed.

Fix her cr. MK range
Make her HP TK throw invincible

I wanna say make her FA usable but, that might make her broken…lol

fix ultra animation so it never drops the opponent during animation

but that will never happen capcom is literally the worst wrt balancing lmao

Everyone’s bitching really fucking hard over her, so I think they’re gonna nerf her damage and stun output. And probably her BKs as well, despite the fact they already got nerfed lol. I’d like her to stay the same.

but you dont see them bitching over downback characters that out turtle most of the cast and can just mash 3 frame normals on them!

People love those chars now. “They’re smarter 'cause they rely on SF fundamentals” and all that lol. Which is funny 'cause those chars were getting bitched hard at before. It’s like a cycle. Anyway, that’s another story.

yeah honestly i dont get why ppl get excited over capcom rebalancing shit

they dont even really rebalance anything, they just change the balance

She doesnt need nerfs, she doesnt need buffs.

Isn’t it like, really fucking ironic how people previously bitched that SSFIV rewarded defense too much? Now we have a game that rewards offense and people are still unsatisfied?

Sucks though- the moment people see Viper placing in top 8 trice (which does say a lot about her placing in AE) they scream for nerfs. Fuck that shit and hell with those people.

The fact is, people only call for nerfs/buffs when it suits/benefits them. When it comes to their characters that happen to be top, it’s “learn the match-up scrub, stop complaining.” People wanted offensive to win out more, now that offensive play has the edge, now there’s complaining.

And yeah, the balance just shifts around, and the characters that needed buffing the most are still left out in the cold while nerfs fly around. Oh well.

Viper is going to get nerfed. She might get some cool random buff though and would gladly welcome that just as a change.

Yeah as much as it sucks to see it happen, the unfortunate reality is that everyone hates her and is complaining about her atm. I’d be really surprised if she doesn’t get nerfs tbh. Capcom says they want to carefully balance this, so I really hope they stay true to that.

true balance is never going to happen but they should stop nerfing characters so bad and instead buff the ones that need help so that they can at least compete with characters like yun and fei and have a better chance

I do agree that perfect balance is impossible. And yeah the nerf route that Capcom has been taking has done nothing but make the game more boring. Hopefully they’ll be doing some mad buffing to characters this time around, make it more interesting :tup:

All they need to do is put all the nerfed in AE chars back to how they were in super and leave the current top tier alone, minus gay long.

fei takes characters that rely on pokes and beats them to a fine powder