I vote for arcade perfect port! what about you guys?

Dude. Why a poll? Seriously. There’s like 5 threads on this all ready.

Because there isn’t a poll yet and another way to gauge rather players want arcade perfect or rebalanced. Capcom is seriously gathering our opinions on this and I believe majority will win out. Either way, just cast a vote on what you want and stop bitching. ;p

I personally dont care!

You are one retarded Attention-Whore. You know that right?

Let me predict the next several Atayes’ threads:

Hey guys! How many of you want to play ALpha 3 or want an Alpha 4?

How many of you want a CvS 3?

Should Gill be playable in 3S Online?

How many of you want to see Champion Edition on XBL? Only if its arcade perfect!!!

How many of you want a new Darkstalkers? Darkstalkers is cool, I like that Switcher video.

Etc and etc.

I hate new members… a 10er averaging 4+ posts a day and calls me an attention-whore.
The ONLY fighting game I care for is 3S. This poll will give a good look at what players want without having to go through a million stupid posts like the ones you make.

please…please…please do EVERYONE a favor and stop posting.

We make a deal. You stop posting first and Ill follow you? Ready? Go!