Reboot of my KoF fan manga

the lowdown:

i started working on a KoF fan manga with Terry vs Kyo…8 yrs ago. i had drawn a lot of pages, inked some, but left many unfinished. so recently, my friend started designing her own manga, and i felt compelled to restart and hopefully finish what i started so many years ago. why reboot? well, my style has kinda changed over the years, so if i went back and finished the unfinished pages, it wouldn’t mesh well with the completed ones. also, the pages i did finish, i actually inked. inking, and cleaning takes a LOT of work, considering how i don’t have a team to work with, so i’m gonna draw everything with a slightly sketchy look.

that way, i don’t have to obsess with cleaning and making sure the lines are correct, and also, doing it this way, i feel i can actually finish it this time. on top of that, i went with kyo’s new look in KoFXII. oh and i’m drawing terry wearing his cap backwards. i was never good at drawing caps, but having it backwards is easier to draw. which, again, will also speed up the process this time around.

i haven’t drawn the first page…working on it now. so here are pgs 2 and 3.

my aim is to finish at least a page once a week. or maybe 2 pages a week. depends how creative i’m feeling.

so here it is, my KoF fan manga, rebooted.

crits are welcome.

I like it. :cool:

You are so talented!

Please take it and use it well
I really loved the way you drew Kyo, it shows that you are a natural

Just playing with color.

holy crap! wombat that’s awesome!! haha, i rarely see my art work colored, and it’s got a background!! thanks man! you really made this look much better! :rock: (bows)

and thanks for the compliments guys. =D

Happy to do it! Glad you like it. I’m trying to get better and faster at coloring. This took prob far longer than it should have…i was trying to get the whole page done, but i had to take a break…i’ll try to get it done soon. The next page will be pretty easy.
I’m playing with trying out back grounds…it was actually the easiest part and came out better than i thought it would. I was going for a penny arcade style BG.

dude, seriously, it’s awesome work. i’m REALLY lookin forward to seeing this and the 2nd page finished. i was afraid that my lines weren’t clean enough to be colored, but you did a kick ass job.