Reboot of old school fighting games IP's


Okay guys, aside from the signature collection for a new installment of Darkstalkers which is obviously getting lots of support, which of the older fighting game IP’s do you feel need to be rebooted? there’s been discussion about a new Killer Instinct sequel and a hoax Bloody Roar announcement that had drummed up interest based on reactions that were posted at the time.

also, a lot of people are still on the fence about SFxT, so maybe an old school franchise may be worth revisiting [UMVC3 anyone]? suggestions for your top games are welcome! lines are now open…

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Obligatory ‘‘CvS3’’ Comment.


Call me a japanophile, you’re probably right, but I don’t want to see any american fighting game IP’s revisited. The only thing I like about MK is that Emphy plays it.


I’d have to agree with pherai. Killer instinct was fun as a kid but it doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

"S’not ma style"
As they would say.

Other than cvs3 I don’t think I’d really care for any other fighting games to be revisited/revived.

I kiiiiiiiiiiind of got 3rd strike, we got ttt2, kofxiii, and mk9 (which I don’t really care about.

and instead of tvc they should’ve done Akira toriyama vs capcom. :frowning:


I dont care whether old FG IPs are rebooted. I want old FG** mindsets** to be rebooted.
FG engines need to be written with online in mind, so that rollback netcode can be used.
Improvements and innovations in UI, like proper button mapping, need to be adopted.
Community and network features from the best of PC games, like replay vaults, auto-tournaments, etc, should be done, etc.

Basically, regardless of the gameplay, they should stop thinking they can keep making FGs with primitive 2000’s features and technology. Every new FG that is released without a proper button config UI, without rollback netcode, without spectator and replay support… another kitten dies.


Call me an Americanophile, you’re probably right, but I don’t want to see any japanese fighting game IP’s revisited. The only thing I like about Darkstalkers is that Morrigan had big tits.


Reboot, retool and revive anything so long as it is not Darkstalkers. Hopefully Ono’s next non Street Fighter project is CvS3 or something and Niitsuma is kept busy with an HD TvC2.

I really really want to see Guilty Gear next gen with an approach similar to Skullgirls art with thick lines and colors that pop out.

Agreed on all of this. I like to think that BlazBlue is one giant experiment for Arc System Works and Guilty Gear will adopt the best things about the series and expand upon them when it arrives on next gen consoles.

*training while waiting in player matches, choosing to train while waiting your turn, online training mode
*expansion on usefulness of player cards/data
*fighting game designed with rollback in mind
*many options for searching rank
*proper netcode
*mechanics that promote character variety(I love the drive system, screw the haters)
*the evolution of replay mode into something that can be shared or watched sort of like replay lobbies or “fighting game movie mode” for friends
*choice of player lobby sizes, choice of rounds/time, different options for player order in game lobby
*comprehensive mission/challenge mode with replays
*comprehensive tutorial mode explaining unique mechanics and old school fighting terminology/techniques

What else is there on the American side with huge draw besides MK and Killer Instinct? The genre is practically defined by Japanese games.

Also, there is a lot more to Darkstalkers than Morrigan’s titties(as nice as they are).


Since Capcom outsources most of their FGs to other dev teams anyway, how about letting Reverge work on Darkstalkers.


How about letting them release a game first before giving them projects from established franchises.


CvS3? no thanks.


I don’t understand the desire for a CvS3. What would it do that CvS2 didn’t do already? That game has it all. (except Dudley. Wtf.)

Darkstalkers is really the only series I want to see revived. It actually has a unique gameplay style that none of the current games come close to.


Except that almost everyone of SNK’s characters feels nerfed.


No, Pravelto hit the nail on the head. I’m sure they’ll do a decent job, but I doubt they could get the feel of the series. Mike Z may like the series but liking the series isn’t enough for the job. Sure Mike played darkstalkers for a little bit but he kept trying to play it like street fighter which won’t get you far into the game. Which can warp your idea what the game really is.

Also, there is only two people I know in Socal that could really test the game and make sure it is going in the right direction B-izm and Diar.


It’s not just about Mike thought, it’s the fact that compared to most dev teams, they’re more open to input from the community. A good number of stuff in SG comes from community feedback - that isn’t something you’d get from Capcom or any other dev team.


That doesn’t matter looks at Ninja Theory


Ninja Theory did Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

Uhh, SNK KoF97 Character voting for Fatal Fury team #2 Close match between Duck King and Blue Mary. Capcom, returning sf2 character for 3s. Also, one word Valve. So anything Reverge is doing isn’t new or uncommon regarding community feedback.

Oh and KoF 13 console rebalance.


That’d be pretty neat, but I want to see how Skullgirls turns out. I expect great things from the game anyway.

Damn, they’d make a sick game just going by the art for sure. Skullgirls is already a lot more like a modern day Vampire than any other game on the market(KOF, Mahvel, Street Fighter and BlazBlue don’t even come close).

Capcom sure as hell wouldn’t get the “feel” of the series. I think Reverge could do a good job, but I’d like to see how Skullgirls turns out first. The one thing I’m sure of is that their style of development and feel for fighting games looks like it’d be way more friendly than Capcom’s or ASW. ASW kicks ass, but they’d probably drown us in meter gauges and bad animation. Capcom would kill the game with comeback mechanics and their style of balancing would guarantee popular, “bad ass” and cookie cutter characters as top tier bullshitters.

Vampire also lacks the following of Mahvel and Street Fighter which means that Capcom’s style of rehashing the same game would not work at all. They get two shots instead of three or four and that ain’t good enough for Capcom from the financial standpoint. They need stuff they can milk(companies gotta make that dough, bro).


I’d like SNK to take what they did to KOFXIII and apply it to a new samurai shodown game. or better yet a new garou mark of the wolves.


– Prerendered cel-shaded (like Okami) sprites for Samurai Shodown would be great. Make it look like SS3 without it playing like SS3.

– Star Gladiator (the first one). I’d like to see a ‘block button’ weapons fighter alternative to Soul Calibur.

To be bluntly honest, I wouldn’t even mind it if Project Soul just retired SC and borrowed the Star Gladiator IP (and let Capcom publish it). I’m really sick of SC pretending to have an ‘old world’ theme loosely based on historical fact, when SC3 onward has been random bullshit fantasy like Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Arcana etc.


samurai shodown 7 done by examu plz