Reborn newbie


Hello, I am new to the forum. I used to play a lot in my early teens in arcade. As fighting games I have been playing to Street Fighter II (of course) and several SNK games (particularly Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting). The game I played the most in arcade however was Mortal Kombat II, a pirate beta version which was rotten to the core.

However my first experience with fighting games was some karate/kung fu game on Amstrad CPC 6128 which I can’t remember the name of. Been playing the original Street Fighter on CPC too, however it sucked big time and I was using a crappy joystick (of which I can’t remember the name too).

I quit playing as I’ve grown and became an adult, but I’m tired of being an adult again. Been playing Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and I quite like it, bought the MadCatz arcade stick too but I haven’t received it yet. I don’t plan to use the stick on other kind of games too (like the Strider reboot, which I loved too, Strider was one of my favourite game and made me bought a Genesis solehandy).

I registered here to find some folks to play with. Be warned I haven’t touched a stick in a long long time though, and I may have to be treated like a total noob here.


Well good luck on your journey to proficiency. Just a quick note, this board is for asking questions. I mean I know there is no introductions section but this community is so large that its wiser to go to the offline/online matchmaking areas to meet people. If you have questions regarding sticks there is the tech talk board. Like all large forum communities please read the faqs and stickies first.

Good luck, have fun.


Thank you for your answer, in most boards I’ve found on the net well established members appreciate when new members introduce themselves. I just thought this was the correct thing to do.

In any case I’ll check the matchmaking area once I have the time for this and I received my stick.


Here we hate it, and now you have to money match members of CORN and Floe in the do not smile game