Rebuild of Evangelion - Anno's on his meds this time

Rebuild of Evangelion Movie 1 is finally available in a DVD ripped fansubbed format. Although it is still unlicensed, I don’t know if I can safely link to it here, but the fact that it’s unlicensed should tell you where you need to go. Although most of the movie is pretty close to the TV series’ telling of the story, it does make some interesting changes, and in the last half hour the story takes a sharp right turn.


Evangelion is definitely overrated.

Agreed. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a good series and the movies seem to be taking some major steps to improve the problems of the series.

screw the haters, rebuild was REALLY good. for the most part its just a retelling of episodes 1-6 but with entirely new animation (but still based on the old storyboards). some things happen slightly differently and some things are entirely new - particularly the fight against the 6th angel. the music is a mix of new and old (“angel attack” now has lyrics) and again, the 6th angel fight is particularly epic because of the song that accompanies it.

highly recommended.

Just because you can’t wrap your tiny mind around the story doesn’t mean it’s over rated, it just means your don’t have an attention span.

Evangelion’s still one of the best series ever made.

Angel Attack ALWAYS had lyrics, silly.


/me needs link.


Oh, but it is. I enjoyed the storyline somewhat and still find it overrated because the fanboys preach about it being the best show ever over and over again. I can link you to a billion threads stating why it is overrated.

It’s a good show, but in no right is it ever going to be the end all be all of mecha. It’s the fans that kill the series and put it in a bad light for me. Still a good mecha show.

pm link pls

watched the camrip ages ago

rebuild > tv series.

well, it started off with a very “mecha-esqe” vibe but eventually the big bio mechanical robot things just got pushed to the wayside a bit to make room for more bullshit.
I would have loved to have them explain exactly what an Eva is. instead of making everyone depressed and getting spooged on it would have been more interesting if they fleshed out the world the characters live in. oh well, I can dream.
but yeah, fuck Eva. it IS overrated

wow, totally don’t remember that. well it sounded much more prominent in you are [not] alone for sure.

Shit got really strange towards the end dring the series, but I would like to check this out.

Asuka going apeshit in the original movie still stands as one of the greatest anime scenes of all time.

Watch the whole thing and tell me it wasn’t the most awesome 9 minutes in the entire Eva series. period. 4 minutes in and she just goes apeshit.

There’s a live action movie in the works if anyone cares.

It’s overrated because of people like you.

It has no story, it just has a bunch of cliched anime elements amalgamated into a flaming pile of dogshit.

I’d rather this thread avoid the oh-so-common ‘Eva is overrated vs. Eva is the greatest thing ever’ debate. The horde of nerdy fans does diminish it’s appeal, but it was very influencial, contained complex characters, and it appealed to a lot of people.

Here’s a torrent to the dvd rip with english subs, 679mb mkv movie file:

Truth, although quite exaggerated. I liked it, but it wasn’t spectacular. Like scum said, I wish they would have fleshed out the story behind the evas.

I might check this movie out if it improves upon the anime.

LOL, it wasn’t in the series, that’s why. It’s from the awesomely horrible Evangelion “VOX” CD. Check it out if you want some laughs.

Eva live action movie is in production hell. I wouldn’t count on seeing it any time soon, if ever.

Seriously, even if you hate Eva, give this movie a shot. It looks like it may greatly expand on the worldbuilding in the series and answer more questions than it poses.

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