Rebuilding our knowledge base

i will start looking for the following links.

Ultimate Guide To Holding Japanese Balltop Joysticks!
Universal PCB (eventually) thread
The Stick template/Layout thread
Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC
Official Sanwa mod thread
The IL FAQ/Information thread
Saulabi thread
MadCatz T.E. FightStick Differences.

Note, all the links to arcade stick sites work except for the gremlin one

Thanks for doing this guys! The Gremlin site is coming up fine on my end.

Here are a bunch I’m coming across. I started at page 6. Much <3 to tech talk from the newbie forum.


Post pics of your entertainment system:

Post your cab thread:

Namco Stick Appreciation:


Newbie Dojo arcade stick FAQ:

Hori Real Arcade Pro FAQ:

Converter Compatibility Thread:

Programmable stick/pad thread:

SE/TE/HRAP/EX2 Drivers:

Mac driver for sticks thread:

Making the HORI FSEX2 work on windows:


Dual Modding 101:

Dev’s making your stick pretty guide:

Modding the Hori FS3:

Installing a madcatz fightpad pcb + imp in a TE:

Adding art/changing buttons TE guide:

Modding a Mayflash:

Saulabi Modding Tutorial:

2 PCBs/1 Stick, possible?

Template Threads:

HRAP VLX/V Series templates:

HRAP template thread:

PS3/Wii Hori stick templates:

ok guys, i know i said that i was going to look for that stuff above but as i was going through the pages i thought that i might as well pick up relevant threads, then kyle can decide which to keep and which can be omitted. I went through 50 pages of threads so I don’t think i’ve missed much. I’m having trouble posting the hyperlinks for some reason. Kyle, if you want the word doc with all the links PM me your email. Still couldn’t find the ball top holding thread…like anyone doesn’t know how to hold balls :stuck_out_tongue:

The how to mod your SFIV SE Fightstick FAQ

The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ

Want to buy a Sanwa Flash (replacement)? Please read.

The Stick template/Layout thread

Light-up on activation button mod tutorial

Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial

Converter Compatibility Thread

Hori Real Arcade Pro FAQ for all versions

Streaming and Recording Guide/Research

YES! Finally, my old thread!

Some more…hmmm, web formatting is not my friend…

The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!!

The “padhacking” thread

[driver release]Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC

The Programmable Stick/Pad Thread!

Project Leo: Sixaxis + Wireless 360 dual mod

Modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3

How to : Add Custom Art to your TE fightstick and swap simple options

Post pictures of your SF/entertainment setup!

Namco Stick Appreciation!

TE differences

Modding a Mayflash stick (finished! 1/18/2009)

2 PCB’s in one stick - Possible?

Updated 360 controller mac driver, Hori EX2, Mad Catz SFIV Sticks

Switch-less USB selector for PS3+360 “Imp”: Re-Design Underway, Input appreciated.

Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360) Thread - Coming to Amazon US in FEB 2009!

Dual Strike PCB now with EX Strike PCB -

Saulabi modding tutorial

Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX and V-Series Template Thread

Are fight boards (aka Hit Boxes) cheating? (Experiments and Guide)

PS3/WII Hori Fightstick Art template thread

Official Mad Catz FightPad Feedback Thread

**Official Street Fighter IV FightSticks & FightPad Thread (More on the way!) **

Datel’s Arcade Pro Joystick - Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Official AXISdapter Thread: SIXAXIS/DS3 Hacking Made Easy (ONLY PACK A avail)

Universal PCB (eventually) thread

Saulabi thread

Laser Cut TE Plexi not only for european fighters -

Guide: How to put art under clear Seimitsu buttons

The Official Arcade Cabinet Character Moves List Collection!

Installing an MC Cthulhu and Imp in an Xbox 360 SF4 SE stick

GUIDE: Sanwa button mod - how to mix and match your sanwa button colors 56k warning

Oh my…
I can’t find my Exar/Exaprize Mod Tutorial that I did last month :frowning:

lol, Chuu and I kind of spammed the hell out of you guys. :smiley:

Insert URL textbox loads so sloww… :mad:

hmmmm, i saw that about half way through my search…so between 20-30…lets see if i can find it.

Edit: nevermind, found it on page 16, good thing i didn’t take my own advice and start on 20…lol

Exar/Exaprize Arcade Stick Modding Tutorial

went through another 30 pages, here are some more useful threads i think. If anyone wants to take over from page 80, be my guest.

**[SIZE=3]Arcade Stick Stock Availability (Post updates here) **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]DIY: Happ Perfect 360 Joystick on XBOX 360 **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]The Optical Joystick Discussion **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]Konami Stick Appreciation! **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]Computer Help Thread v4.0 **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]Arc-Eye / Project Gouken - ARCEYE2 IS ARRIVING! **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]The 360 Hori EX2 Quick Mod Guide (Plenty of Pictures) **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]HRAP 2 Modding Tutorial **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]How to paint MDF to a mirror finish worklog **[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]The IL FAQ/Information thread Happ now is too grimey to even use Cherry switches **[/SIZE]

Slow down boys! And would you chaps mind checking each other posts (as well as the OP) so that you don’t put in stuff that’s already been posted.

Okay, thread can’t grow any bigger (1000 character limit) time to either start weeding things out or add a second post with the rest of the links. Anyone care to help compile since I’ll be logging out soon?

lol, maybe you should have spelled out the rules before we started hunting. Starcade RIP and I were very eager to help that we kinda forgot ourselves.

Didn’t know about the limit until now.

Also, I didn’t expect you guys to do that much, that quickly.

That said, I still have to figure out how to make this all fit.

Any tech talk think out loud?

uh… I think I broke it…

Hey d3v, i compiled all three lists into one big ass list and emailed it to you d3vunity email. :slight_smile:

The Tech Talk Think Out Loud thread has been moved to EFNet #srktt, so people will actually talk in there, even when SRK is up. :smiley:

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