[rec] 2

Did a search and couldn’t find anything on this so here you go.

Wow this movie looks like Cloverfiled, Dawn of the Dead, and a 1st person shooter all mixed up in one. I didn’t even know there was a first one. Now I gotta go check it out.


Can’t find much information on a release date for USA. Only thing I found was Sept 25th but it says Austin Fantastic Film Festival.


First one was one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

Granted, I don’t watch a lot of horror films…but it’s still a good movie. Stay away from the American remake though.

REC 1 is excellent.

REC was pretty creepy but more awesome and stressful than it was scary IMO.

though i have to admit that final 5-10 minutes were pretty fucking terrifying

look forward to this one



So a swat team is sent to the location of REC1? Cool. I even see the fireman with the sledge

That looks good.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH i didnt know quarantine was a remake of REC.

But i havent seen REC yet…

After seeing Quarantine twice, should i still bother seeing REC? How different are they? And is it really that scary? :slight_smile:

The fact that you even saw Quarantine… :crybaby:

REC shits all over Quarantine.

REC is easily a million times more scary than Quarantine. I’m a big fan of foreign horror movies (REC is Spanish) as it adds much more emotion than our usual boring American selves. It really is truly scary as hell.

If you’ve seen Quarantine, then you’ve essentially seen REC. They’re identical movies with different actor and in Spanish. REC1 atmosphere was slightly creepier because the apartment building seemed older and creepier IMO.

But still a great movie.

Awesome news! Thanks!

Release date for Spain is supposed to be October 10, 2009.

Dios, Im VERY dissapointed in you.
Have been waiting for this, :3 Hopefully its as good as the last one.


Man I saw [REC.] before Quarantine, and while I love both, Quarantine was just a frame by frame remake pretty much. Damn this movie looks awesome, that first person Shotgun blast just had me jump for joy lol. When is this coming out? And will it have a limited or DVD release here? I expect Quarantine 2 next year now.

this is gonna be such bread and buttahhhh.

The question is: how soon can us non-spanish country dwellers dl it?

Rec 1 is in Redboxs in the US. That’s how I saw it with some friends. I’ll def need to see 2

edit: at the end it said “muy pronto” so it has to be out soon … Spain is 10/10/09 (thanks shin akuma) … should be able to find it somewhere on the internet a few days after. nice



Quarantine is a horrible horrible American butchering of the great spanish armada that is Rec. LA LUZ!!!

REC2 looks ultimate HYPE. I hope Fireman zombie dies from an ultimate neck snap from Hunk.

As a matter of fact, I really hope this movie is just an unofficial Hunk story. I also want to see plucky reporter as a zombie.

man in the first movie, remember when that one fireman was just kicking ass throughout the apartment buidling? that was fucking awesome, around ever corner it was just ass kicking happening to the left and right.

then he died.