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I’m just saying REC and Quarantine is essentially the same movie, almost shot scene for scene. I agree, REC is a better movie but I don’t really see why everyone has to shit on Quarantine. It’s still a good movie.


because if they copied it frame for frame it should be equally as good which it aint.

Im sure it has mostly to do with hollywood re-making all sorts of foreign films and making them shittier and those of us who arnt wasted pounds of flesh, i.e. your average American movie goer who doesnt even know there are movies made outside the US, are kind of sick of it.

REC2 looks more action based than the first one though… i hope they can match the terror of the last 10 min. of the first. although i doubt it.


Quarantine is still shit.


I watched the trailer and thought “This looks like Quarantine”

And then scrolled down a little to learn it basically is.

I have to be honest I watched Quarantine last night. I was really looking forward to it. I knew it was a remake of a Spanish film, which is why I was looking forward to it.

I lost interest about halfway through and skipped through the rest. I watched when it looked like something interesting was going on (i.e.- Someone getting eaten)

It probably has something to do with the fact that I am not a fan of the first person camera thing and I just sort of felt like it was something I have seen a dozen times before.


Didn’t care for Quarentine but I’ll be checking out Rec 2 for sure. Looks like some fucking scary Zombie FPS love right there. Looks like someone finally brought the terror to another level.


I have never seen Quarantine and I’m currently watching REC for the first time, this movie is too good. :tup:


Cuz Manu was THE man. This series needs a Silent Hill-esque game adaptation.


I watched REC because of this thread last night. I never saw Quarantine. Oh man is REC great, I will definitely see the sequel.


I liked both movies actually. I couldn’t stop laughing when the camera man curb stomped that rat. :rofl: in Quarantine.
Also, that giant infected dog jumping on random elevator dude was hilarious as well.

Rec spoilers


However, I have to say that the final minutes of Rec was scarier, particularly the actor they used to play that… thing in the attic… I really thought that was cgi, but when I learned that was a real person… damn… they must’ve recruited him/her at the local anorexic clinic.

Oh and spanish chick had better tits.


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better put that second paragraph in spoiler tags there buddy.


I still want to see REC. I never even got to see Quarantine. I’ll have to rent or torrent it sometime soon.


From watching REC last night I learned that “Spain Spanish” is not much different than “Mexico Spanish” haha. When I was about 20 minutes into the movie I just stopped reading the English subtitles and just listened. :rofl:

Oh and ngela Vidal would definitely get it. :tup:


<3 angela vidal.


I enjoyed REC so I’ll probably end up seeing this as well. I found it kind of hilarious in the first though when the camerman was hitting the zombie or whatever they were with the lens of the damn camera.


Just saw REC on youtube. Not very scary. Basically everybody got rabies from a dog, literally. Interesting though.


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Anyone see Rec2? I found a copy, but it isn’t dubbed or subbed. I keep looking for subs or a dubbed one and I can’t find it. I’ve found a copy of subs that are listed as Rec2, but are really Rec1 ;l


Is it dvd quality? If so, Send me a link in the PM. Is mexican