Recabling headphones

So I’ve got a pair of Koss Portapros and Sportapros that have had one side stop working. I need to get these things working by the end if the month so sending them in on warranty is out of the question.

I’ve tried buying cheap headphones and canabalising the wires, with a previous set of headphones but thay didn’t work too well.

Has anyone recabled headphones before? What all is necessary?

The El-cheapo headphones aren’t a good source of replacement cords from my experience.

Without knowing the damage to your headset, you have to assume all responsibility here. It might not be feasible to repair.

You need to make sure the wiring going up to that one working side has no breaks in the wiring.
meaning you got to open that one side up any ways.

I used high quality audio extension cords from music stores, best buy or radio shack for the main cable, 28 to 32 gauge stranded for internal wiring.
Make sure you got some heat shrink ready as it comes not come loose like electric tape any possibly some super glue or epoxy to assemble your one broken side

It’s definitely a break in the wire because I can fiddle with the wire and get sound out of it.

The only part of the process that’s still a mystery to me is what to use at the junction where left and right split.

Thats a tough one. If it was not for the wrong connector ends, I say use RCA audio cables for the wire as they are already split.
Maybe if you can find a long enough Audio cord and a replacement 3.5mm stereo audio plug. I think Radio Shack might have it.

Radioshack definitely has the connector, I’ve used them to fix quite a few headphones.

Just had a thought when looking at headphones, some of the ones that come with detatchable cables sell replacements (eg ). You could find some and scrap them for the repair, or even mcguyver the plugs into your cans.

recabling headphones is pretty straightforward. just solder the wire to the jacks and/or drivers. for solder i like to use Kester 44. for cable i use Mogami.

these ath-m50 i did a detachable cable mod. the cable is mogami 2893 with neutrik jacks.

i’m currently working on these grados. this is mogami 2534 with neutrik jack.

take a look at forum. you’ll find plenty of info there.

A friend of mine makes the cables on every pair of headphones he owns detachable. He prefers it so if the cables break he can easily replace them. In most cases it’s not hard at all.

Very nice. I wish I was brave enough to do that mod to my M-50s. Whatever I end up doing will end up looking mad ghetto. If I had more time I might order wiring sleeve and higher quality wire.

Well I was 50% successful. I got the Portapros working but Sportapros are pretty much dead forever, now. Fortunately they were significantly cheaper.