Reccomend me a good scary movie

I’m bored and I have some hours to kill. Go!

I recommend nothing made within the last 10-15 years.

Twilight…makes you shit your pants.

the exorcist? you looking for a newer movie, or any scary movie?

Session 9 is good but not that scary but it will make you feel out of touch with reality. I enjoyed it.

The orphanage is a pretty good movie. I mean it’s not super scary but it’s high tension.

Something a bit newer. I want to see a good Japanese horror movie. I’ve only seen a few and I want to see what the fuss is all about.

Antichrist - it has consentual sex between a man and a woman, and then it gets even worse.

Ju-On 2 and Ringu Zero.

Seen both.

Heard Hard Candy is pretty intense.


the descent

im outi


Hard Candy was a total mindfuck. No one in that movie was good. By good I mean mentally right.


maybe this helps

I support Audition as a pick also.


and for lolz, Uzumaki (Spiral)

Let the Right One In isn’t a scary movie per se, but is still good.

The Collector
Dead Snow
Midnight Meat Train

You would be better off just asking pg and sigley.

[media=youtube]6RNfL6IVWCE"[/media] :cool:
Here you go, it has a huge archive list of working Japanese/ Asian horror movies.