Receive $10 from me if you complete my referral

to the mods: i dont know if this is appropriate in the trading outlet. if you feel it is not, be happy to delete my thread.

since i dont have money for any of the new gen consoles im trying to get one for free. i will pay $10 to each person that are referred from me until i get enough referrees. i will pay once 360elite 4free verifys to me that you have successfully been my referre(sp?) via paypal. if you dont want the 10 bucks i do have 1 xjoybox(ps/2->xbox converter) i can part with. pm me if your interested/completed the process

heres what to do…

-click my referral link
-choose prize and sign up for the referral account (choose referral because its the easiest)
-complete just one offer. i highly suggest you do the stamps.commm one because they dont charge nothing
-refer like 8-13 more people to get the elite free with free shipping if you want to get one

for the stamps offer. its a 4 wk free trial. just sign up. you’ll need to dl a program ~30 mb. it does not have any viruses or such and you can uninstall after you done. after you sign up, just print some type of postage. they give you free 5 dollars to start with. what i did was printed a shipping label to myself which was like 4.60. then i canceled my account by calling 1-877-782-6736 on the 3rd week (they say to be a member for 21 days so cancel the account before the 4 wk or you will get charged). they ask for your name, email address, number, and answers to the security questions to cancel the account. NOTE: make sure that 360elite4free credits that you have completed the offer before cancelling the offer.

this doesnt take long to do. i did it in about 20 mins and cancelling took like 2 minutes. i wont cop out on paying anybody that does this for me. i need like 10 more referrals so theres plenty of spots.