Receive a text msg when a SF4 TE stick is in stock

I’m sure I could make this easier for general usage, but I’m lazy and it works only for me so I’m happy.

Anyways, you’ll need python, a cron-type app, and the zeep.sms python package.

Python script here:
Zeem.sms Python package:

You need to sign up for zeem.sms at , and get an API key, as well as the secret key.
You then have to sign yourself up through their site (they give you a link that you need to sign up users).

Then edit the script with those values, as well as a username.

If people are interested in something like this I can make a more userfriendly script to eliminate all these steps and only have 1 step to get you added to the list.

Also if you guys want you can link me to other stores that I can try to check.