Recent Acquisitions....Thread

So I finally mustered up the boredom to go through the antique stores in town (Ive lived in this town for about 18 years and Ive never been to most of them, wtf?). Most of them were completely lacking in terms of toys/comics. However, I did notice that a few of them had several “Big Little Books”, a long running series of kids novels about movies/tv/cartoons/etc with pictures in them. theyre little books but fat like a novel. Of the ones they had I got the Space Ghost book, it was pretty good. it was missing about 4 pages but I dont care.

At another store I got some Donald Duck comic from the 50s, it was good as well.

This sunday Im going to this huge flea market with a couple hundred vendors in the hunt for comics. Any particular book(s) I should be looking for?

I Shall Destroy all the Civilized Planets came in the mail as well, you know, that INSANE Fletcher Hanks stuff?
crazy shit. I recommend it if youre looking for something really really different.

deadpool by joe kelly