Recent Disconnect Issues

I didn’t see any discussion on this so maybe it’s just me but in case it isn’t I’m going to ask:  have any PSN SSFIV players been experiencing a lot of unexpected disconnects recently?  What I mean by this is I’ll get matched with someone in ranked (who’s hosting seems irrelevant), go through the character and stage select song and dance and then when it shows the character portraits before going into the match I get a message saying that I’ve disconnected from Playstation Network.  Except that I haven’t.  My internet is still fine.  I can still see my friends list.  If I quit out of the game I can get into the PSN store without having to sign back in.  In short it seems like there are some issues on the server side of the matchmaking.  So again, has anyone else experienced something like this?  I’ve had ~6 matches in the later two days do this and maybe a dozen over the last week and a half and I don’t think it’s the other playing pre-match ragequitting.