Recent event match. Need analysis and any help =]


30:00 minutes in. I’m playing sagat obivously and never played dj really before. it was a good experience, and i’m generally pretty bad at patient matchups or at least need a few games to get into the mood. Anyway, any dj advice would be great!](‘’)

For starters, I counted like six jump-ins. Half of them were when you had a pretty sizable life lead, four of them were punished, and two were blocked. None of them lead to damage. I’d say that it is generally a bad idea to jump in at someone with such a great anti-air like Dee Jay, especially when you have a life lead. When you stayed out and threw tiger shots, you did better. You were getting predictable with the tiger shots at the end, so faking more with standing lp would be better.

not bad dude.

but you’re playing the match up wrong, you’re lacking some discipline @ times.

play more chess oriented, play smart.
you just didn’t play clean enough, and you got caught by some shit.
but you can beat that deejay.

gotta turn off your emotion and desparation. play intelligent. poker face that shit.
pay attention to the enemies meter.
bait that shit out to make him burn meter. throw feint jabs instead of always following up with another tiger shot unless far range.
people always wanna counter sagat’s tiger shot.
make them think twice. you react to his action. initial tiger shot is good for that, but think twice before throwing a second one.
deejay can zone like sagat sorta. he has to grind as much as you do.
why be so offensive when you’re in the life lead?
why the gamble?
hes a charger and his jumping arc isn’t far or high.
watch his footies,
if he moves forward abit, he can’t shoot projectiles or hop kick.
if he stands, he can’t dp.

good shit though…
play the guy again with more composure and intelligents. u can beat him.

my 2cent.

i just read ilovebooty’s comment.
yeah, pretty much what he said.

Ya , can’t jump on Dee Jay - ever. It’s Auto correct heaven. I can share some tips I’ve found.

You were eating that EX Sobat too much due to bad tigers. Every Sobat kick is unsafe to a degree, not a lot of people punish them though. I play a local Dee Jay and I’m sure EX Sobat can be jab xx TS or even Straight up TU if he hits deep. The only version that’s a little safe is the light and even then I think it’s still -4 or 5. But this was AE, I can’t say if there’s been a frame adjustment, check the new data or the Dee Jay boards.

If I feel a slide coming on I can punish with with good spacing. Also TK blasts through most of Dee Jay’s offence but again you need to use it smartly. With Dee Jay’s slide, and sobats, in between fake shots I like to neutral jump on occasion like how you would treat Bison, if you catch him with neutral mk it’s a free combo.

Your lucky the Dee Jay was a Zoner actually, some Dee Jay players can really put you on tilt with a mini vortex that can be quite hard to block.

Lastly , don’t waste your meter on EX TS in this match, you’ll never catch him, his slashers recover too fast. Save it for an FADC if he starts running that vortex and I also use focus rarley, his LK kick smashes glass and your back in trouble.

You played good though, like you said you just looked like you didn’t know the match. I’m sure Emblem will have some good advice.

EDIT: Sorry if any of this get mentioned in the commentary - I can’t do sound at work!

Straight dp ex sobat on block for sure. Deejays like to jump alot too. You can, dp slide on reaction too.

I would love some tips vs deejay. he has good walk speed and slides under fireballs, so I get mindfucked jump in too much as well

thanks a lot everyone! i learned a lot, and yeah a lot of my friends with me felt like i could beat him. still i have little tourney experience so i’m working my way up.

Still i took a game off of him and that felt really good. the missed ultra was on me, but at least i felt like i could hang with him.

Some lessons i learned.

  • be more patient (i’m more of a rushdown sagat) and use more baits.
    -St. Rh is not a good button to press against dj. st lk st mk is preferable.
    -ALL rolling kicks are punishable (-5 at least)
    -j mp. is sagat’s best jump in against dj.

honestly i felt like some of the commentary was ill informed. For example, when i got the focus attack and did cr mp heavy tiger knee, it was the optimal no meter punish since i was saving ultra. I was keeping an out for ex roll kick, but in the end he JUST got the meter for it.

he was a zoning deejay for sure. but in the previous matches he was more mix up oriented too, but i just auto corrected all his mixups so he decided to play more patiently.

some more lessons.

  • save meter , use ex shot sparingly
  • don’t focus in front (lk kick too good)

thanks everyone for your advice.

I just want to say i was pretty hype when i saw you on stream, as i knew it had to be the same guy. Most of the match stuff has been covered fairly well.

Imma just throw my thoughts out there. Sorry for being late on this.

What you need to start doing:

Pick Ultra 2 vs Deejay. That way air slashes = free revenge = once you have Ultra he is not allowed to throw projectiles at you when you have Ultra and one EX bar.

Start blowing him up for that slide. Alot of those slides were close range so a simple block then punish with cr.lp xx TK or TU would have done the job. You focused it once or twice then backdashed which tells me your reactions are on the poor side since a simple release would have netted you a crumple then free combo though I think you got it off once. Just pay better attention to what you are doing and how your opponent responds. A slide at mid range honestly you can just TU him on reaction. It’s not hard trust me. His slide has quite a bit of recovery and the travel speed isn’t that fast.

Start being smarter/more conservative with meter. You just blew it on EX shots pretty much as soon as you got it. Unnecessary especially vs Deejay who you don’t even really need ex shots to take over the projectile war. They are best when you have at least 2 bars imo so one ex shot can juggle into another or when you have Tiger Cannon ready to rip.

Hit different buttons. is godlike. Use it. I’m not a fan of Sagat’s rh as I think it’s overrated cuz it dies to good lows and is easy whiff punish. In this match it will get you killed. Stop pressing it.

Punish sobat kicks. As was stated they are pretty bad on block though lk version is -4 I think. Still cr.jab into w/e works when you are close enough.

Just get more comfortable at mid range. You showed your FA so much and got hit for it. Just relax. Know your options. Don’t do shit that will get you owned up.

Start faking more tiger shots. Do the motion and exaggerate it so your opponent hears the stick motion. Then wait a second and hit lp. Congrats. Now you know how to fake shot. Use it well cuz the shit works.

What you need to stop doing

I’m repeating myself but fuck it. Stop hitting RH. I don’t like this move. I think it’s kinda ass actually but it’s def ass vs Deejay.

Stop being so impatient. You always hitting buttons or doing sumthing. Just stand there or crouch there sumtimes. See what your opponent does. Gain sum kind of threshold for how patient they are what actions they like to take when things are neutral. The fact that you always felt the need to do sumthing tells me when me one thing. You have no idea what you are doing. It might just be the match but you are basically screaming at your opponent that you are uncomfortable and any master level player will sense that and decimate you for it. Control yourself and control your actions.

Stop being dumb when you have positional advantage and/or life lead. Mostly talking about the jump ins here. I mean…why? What purpose does that serve. If you and me are playing chess and ur whoopin my ass do you pull all your pieces back and move your king behind my line of pieces? That’s essentially what you keep doing.

That’s pretty much it. I’m harsh but to the point.

Emblem Lord laying down the knowledge and the Law

thanks guys i appreciate all the help.