Recent Holland results, 24 August

Zondag 24 Augustus 2003
@ForeGames - Tilburg

Guilty Gear XX - Editie #4 (double k.o.)

#1 Wicked Cricket
#2 H T
#3 kei
#4 Rishi
#5 GianL, kairilords
#7 Madspunky, Binus
#9 Anecdote, L Fuego, VaderNL, McKroket

finale: Wicked Cricket vs H T - (4-3, 4-2)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Editie #2 (double k.o.)

#1 Eugene
#2 Binus
#3 Dansan
#4 Anecdote
#5 King_2nd, The Winner
#7 Madspunky, GianL
#9 Kasko, kei, Tetsuo, McKroket
#13 VaderNL

finale: Eugene vs Binus - (4-3)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Editie #8 (double k.o.)
#1 Anecdote
#2 Binus
#3 kei
#4 kairilords
#5 Dansan, ZenFire
#7 McKroket, Madspunky
#9 GianL, Tetsuo, Kasko, saotome
#13 Edge, H T, King 2nd

finale: Anecdote vs Binus - (4-1, 4-0)

Capcom vs SNK 2 - Editie #5 (double k.o.)
#1 Eugene
#2 kei
#3 Anecdote
#4 Rishi
#5 Madspunky, kairilords
#7 Binus, Dansan
#9 Edge, McKroket, saotome, ZenFire
#13 Tetsuo, L Fuego

finale: Eugene vs kei - (4-1)

for those wondering: I don’t know where Beatrice was…

So all the players participating in any holland tourneys are stoned and tripping…right?..RIGHT??? I’m right… :slight_smile:

God I wish I was in holland…



Data/Goonie power! I prefer the name Shorty (Short Stuff), btw… You remember that little Chinese kid from ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’? THAT’s me :smiley: Though I must admit both Data and Shorty are top tier young Asian actors. Btw, I won 3S because I cheated, hehe :slight_smile:

Beatrice got a new boyfriend in the province of Zeeland and is living with him. It’s about 2,5 hours away from Tilburg (by train), where the tourney was held. So I don’t think she’d be too willing to travel 5 hours on a day just to play some 3S. Dunno if she plays GGXX or other games. I haven’t spoken to her in a while. Beaty, where are you?!

Wassup? How are you in October? Busy? I’m pretty sure I’ll be in France the first half of October (1st or 2nd week).

>About getting high/drugged up/fucked up
SooMighty got nothing on us. All our characters are HIGHERER versions :smiley: Yeah, we all smoke and shoot up before tournaments. Holland got the best chron.

Lost my unbeaten record :frowning: I won the first three tournies I entered. CvS2 sucks! Let’s play MvC2!

I’ll be back in college in October but I’m sure we’ll find some time to play.

the crazy thing is that Wicked Cricket suddenly won GGXX. And het doesn’t even have the game! And he’s only, like, 17.

Maybe he was too young for smack. Maybe that explained something.