Recent Purchases and Good Finds

I’ve seen this on other forums lately and figured I would give it a try.

Pick up a HRAP for a steal? Find a SFAC stick at a garage sale? Post it here.

I’ll start out:

I picked up a Namco PS1 stick for $40 shipped today. I’ve been after one for a while ever since MarkMan claimed it was his favorite stick. I have a few sticks now so I’m excited to give it a try.

Also recently got a ReKleSS Saturn to PS2 converter with a very nice condition Saturn pad for $42 from Ikagi-chan in the Trading Outlet. I was supposed to have gotten a PS2 Saturn pad a while back for $90 :xeye: and I’m just as happy with this.

I know this isn’t technically Tech Talk, but there’s already a post about people’s multi-thousand dollar entertainment setups. I won’t posting be in there anytime soon. :rofl:

i got a HRAP3 SA $110 shipped from japan. i think thats pretty good

That does seem cheap. What do these retail for? I was happy getting a HRAP 2 SA for $150 shipped a while back when they were going for $200.

Kinda related. Onkyo 606 that will be blasting the sounds of thumps and kicks into my bleeding ears. 220 delivered.

I picked up a brand new, still in the box, SNES “Championship” joystick for $28!

Is that the one with Happ parts? Those are badass.

I’m not entirely sure. I bought it and I should have it in my hands by the end of next week. I owned one way back in the day and never took it apart to see the brand of parts. Parts look similar to Happ though.

I plan on modding it for the 360, so I will know as soon as it gets here!

There’s a few used game stores in my hometown. My best finds where Namco PS1 stick for $12, got it for $6 after trading in a game. At another used game store, got SFAC stick for $20. These stores get all sorts of gems. For example, if they were to get a Steel Battalion controller, they would sell it for $50. They aren’t in it to profit or gouge their customers. They make their profit by the volume of stuff that comes in and out.

I picked up a new HRAP2SA for $80 some time last year off ebay, I was ecstatic since it was my first stick and at such a good price.

Good lord. I need to take a trip over there. Any local shops we have like this would look up the price the price on eBay and mark it after the highest ‘buy it now’ price they could find. :rofl:

Also forgot that I got a copy of Mario Cart Wii used in mint condition with the wheel for $20. I know it’s been out for a while but I’d never seen it that low. I can finally play it after picking up a $5 sensor bar on eBay to replace the one that the dog ate.

You definitely must have beaten the stick hype rush from SF4. I haven’t seen one of these close to even $100.

The guy I bought the Namco stick from added some more good deals.

LS-32 with wiring harness in used/good condition $16 shipped. 8x Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons for $15 shipped.

I need to browse the Shmups forums more often.

great find kyle!!! you won’t be disappointed. it’s a stick that requires zero modding since it is naturally fantastic! buttons are highly responsive but not ultra sensitive like sanwas, the stick is your usual hori but the spring is very much like a 32 in tension and they have the same omron microswitches (well same specs) as found in jlfs.

i have a modded jlf base with modded gate, basically it’s a full jlf that requires hori shaft and actuator, but i wasn’t all that pleased with the set up, though i’ll add that it felt a lot tighter than a stock jlf because of the tightness of the actuator on the shaft, because the stock stick is actually very comfortable to use unlike the later horis which due to poorer quality control don’t feel as tight (if you notice a lot of them actually have off centered actuators etc. i have at least 4 different ones and they all have some kind of random issue).

sorry about the babble, it’s just a great stick and i love them.

best deals lately- 2x ascii ft pads for the dc, 1k yen (i’m looking at about 34 total shipped), i was looking for just one but i think i did very well

bought a few madcatz sfiv ryu pads (360) brand new off of ebay, one auction 13.50 other 9.00 both included shipping.

I got a Blaze Arcade Stick for PSX in box like new for 3 dlls in a Swap Meet like 1 month ago.Today i buy a Dreamcast with 2 controllers for 5 bucks xD

Wow. I’m guessing these were auctions no one saw? How’d you manage those so cheap?

bought 2 old p360 for $30 +10 shipping. $40 shipped.

(stated in PM)
Blaze Arcade Stick = $25
Namco Yellow = $15

Found a Near Mint Green Goblin at a Flea Market for 10$, Also got an R.O.B there the same day for 10$. Overall, Rad Finds

Got a SF4 TE stick (ps3) for $108 total off

I won this auction at ebay

The ultimate TE Bundle with a TE stick, wall scroll, face plates and extension cord for $60 + 40 shipping…

Of course the guy backed out, why wouldnt he? …

wow, some really good finds!!

as you know kyle, i check ebay a lot. i also check best buy’s outlet on ebay a lot as well, and out of the 4 or 5 i bid on, i got really lucky!

Oh wow.
I bought my BLAZE Home Arcade Twin Shock for $35. :sad:
And that was last week.

Years ago, bought my first Namco Arcade Stick for $60.
Then a second one for $30.

Man, so Seller did not sell to you.

That is not cool.
Would you fight it?