Recent Purchases and Good Finds


I picked these up from Barnes & Noble yesterday:
TOMY Nintendo Controller Keychains

Pro Tip: These are in solid red gashapon containers, but not in dispensers. It’s supposed to be random which of the five controllers you get. But if you take your phone camera and place it into one of the small holes you can see what’s inside.

28 posts to go.


Retro Gaming Cables has a 10% off code for purchases till Oct 31.

Coupon Code




Got me a 24" Trinitron for absolutely nada.



I maybe late but idk US had access to other markets XBL Gold games. This month’s Japanese Gold game is compatible with US consoles apparantely.

XBL available for $1 for 1 month as well for next week and half.


Gamestop Black Friday Sale if you’re looking for a new joystick:


KRIKzz is having a Black Friday sale starting Nov 24
20% off All Everdrives


Gamestop screwed up or something because the PS4 Panthera is $99.


This is not surprising, as today is Black Friday in the US. Lots of sales to be had, @Evolution169 …which means stiff competition. Sometimes retailers (reacting to those competitors) further drop sale prices mid-day with hopes to increase profits/liquidate inventory.

That said: is the Panthera even worth $99?


Well I mean if you are looking to buy a stick with Sanwa hardware, it’s a good price. I haven’t seen anything else that low, but I haven’t looked around much either.


Arcade Shock is selling Qanba joysticks at a discount too for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. They have the Obsidian for $170 before shipping and the Dragon for $260. There’s also a deal on the Red VLX too for $10 less than the Dragon; which is an absolute steal (the Red VLX is normally a $350 stick). Those are better deals to me than the Panthera imo; which I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole because of Razer’s hit or miss build quality.


That’s a $70 difference and a pretty weak black friday discount when he regular price is $200.The Obsidian does look pretty sweet though.

Razer still hasn’t got their sticks to a decent build level?


I’ve not used any Razer peripherals in sometime, on PC their hardware is of a really bad build quality and really leaves something to be desired.


Then how you can judge a stick you haven’t try once?


He’s not judging Razer sticks. He’s judging their other stuff.

And he’s basically on point.


Razer has a reputation for terrible products that break in a few months.

And as Someone who got the Atrox, its fine for the first year, but then the plastic case started to crack and snap on alot of people.
For me the ejection button cover always break off.


Hi I am looking for the razer panthera limited edition with sfv image of ryu and akuma

Where can I find one in retail shop around new york area? regular price 199usd is ok for me. I can’t seem to find info on retail store that sells one. all the search in google refer to online purchases

Thanks in advance


I picked up 3 Sony PVM14M2U and 2 PVM8045Qs for $600.


Just copped a Madcatz Alpha for $37.46 USD off of an Amazon Warehouse Deal (People are still trying to sell these in Canada for the equivalent of $93 USD lol). Looking forward to pairing it up with a Phreakmods Link and putting in some spare Sanwa parts I have lying around for a super portable stick. Just gotta until the New Year when my friend can get the stick to me.


There is a sale on OSSC units