Recent Purchases and Good Finds

For UK buyers only, absolutely crazy price for Mad Catz TvC Fightsticks - £14 including postage!

think I scored a wico conical for like 10 bucks, most likely gonna fit the wico p360 onto it.

Three Wiimotes two nunchucks and a recharging station at at a garage sale for $10 today.

This is my best craigslist score ever that didn’t involve hookers & blow. $30 the pair, he said they been played with lightly but they don’t feel like it and the wax wrap is still on the deck.

Hopefully the art mod I plan for them wont be as hard as it sounds. I’m thinking of going with Megaman vs X theme that way I wont need new parts and how hard is it to throw in a PS3 PCB in one of these?

Sweet deal!

I bought one brand new for 20.00 and thought THAT was a good deal haha!

Tread carefully with your mod. I did a full Sanwa and if you really take your time these things are awesome.

I found some great circular magnets over at Radio Shack that fit perfectly inside those cylinders that give this thing some heft.

Google luck!

Here’s my best CL score. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

^^Who didn’t see that coming?..:rolleyes:

Thanks, because you find a Astrocab for $20 the rest of never get to feel good about a deal again. IMO They’re fugly anyways I’d rather have a Kraylix.

Markman needs to stop reminding us of that find… Nobody would be able to beat that unless they got one for free or something.

Time to stage one. We’re all actors and actresses on the world stage after all.

I’ll make sure I post my $20 kraylix find when it happens. :wink:

Am I the only one who read the title and thought “Craigslist speedruns?”

Merging with the “good finds” thread.

P.S. Someone better take that image out of their sig before Wiz sees it.

You know that little moment of silence that occurs in game, in SSFIV AE after Akuma’s Ultra…

That Cab find is INsane Markman . Ugh, I’m so jealous. Well done, nonetheless.

I was wondering when Mark would rub that in again.

snagged a rnd 1 TE and a white TEs for xbox 360. for £90 shipped.

the rnd 1 was sold as faulty joystick, I wasnt bothered as I was buying for future. to make my self 2 wireless ps3 sticks with axis adapters.

but turns out that the guys had it switched to LS ! and its fully working…

oh, and I dont have an xbox 360! or my own ps3 yet!

got a hrap ex se for 40 bucks. pretty happy.

The problem with the joystick is microswitch related, not analogue setting related. I don’t think the seller was too clear on that. Either way, you’ll need to either replace the malfunctioning microswitch or get a new Sanwa TP-MA board.

How does an apartment for a little over $300 monthly furnished with a 37" HDTV sound? And it lags very little.

i used it on my pc and checked everything with the game controller thing. where you click properties and it shows 10 numbered red cirles, and a circle for dirctions, all buttons and all 8 directions register fine…