Recent SF4 PC Errors

Just tonight, I was starting to get into my groove on the PC version of Street Fighter IV, and then suddenly, as I picked a stage, I heard a ‘ding’, and got an ‘Unhandled Exception (-1)’ error, and the game quit on me.

This happened another couple times, and when I selected a stage (Secret Laboratory), as opposed to doing a Random, I think I managed to locate the problem. This issue was confirmed when, in regular VS mode, I picked Secret Laboratory again, and the game coughed and died.

I was able to play this stage with no problems up to, and including yesterday, so I need to figure out what happened where accessing that stage (the music plays fine, so I’m suspecting STG_LAB.emz as the problem file) causes the game to die horribly.

Has anyone else had this problem yet? What might I be able to do in order to fix the error?

As a last resort, you can uninstall the game, then a re-install followed by a hard drive defrag.

Although I did some digging, and I found these 2 URLS, they might be able to help you out.

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I solved the problem.

Figuring it was the file mentioned in the OP, I looked at the properties and noted its exact file size.

I then went through the .cab files on the disk with 7Zip, and despite their having strange file names, I found the one that matched exactly, extracted it and then renamed it. Finally, I copied the new version of the file to the directory and had it overwrite it.

As a test, I loaded up a vs. CPU on Secret Laboratory, and lo and behold, no crash. Game worked fine after that.

Good to hear