Recent update on the Bishop Eddie Long situation


Morris W. O’Kelly: Bishop Eddie Long Agrees to Mediation

Bishop Eddie Long agrees to mediation

Seeking a settlement, apparently… the strange thing to me though is how this story just completely vanished from the newsmedia. I thought the media always loved to jump on a good, “juicy” scandal…especially when it involves accusations made about religious and political figures.



SMH. What can you say? Mediation pretty much means like one of the articles said, he’s probably admitting some guilt. Sad story.


The real sad part is that people will probably still flock to this guys church


Corruption? At a church!? You don’t say…

I find it fascinating that this nation is so religious but most of the religious figures or “important” people who claim their faith are the most corrupted people on the planet. Yet, they do pretty much nothing if not just ignore it altogether.

But god forbid some sports star or celebrity has some sex scandal.
People need to get their priorities straight.


Oh boy…


Been saying this for years myself, agree 100%. Fucking “spiritual guides” are like teflon when it comes to getting away with shit


bishop eddie long…the horny fraud. oh wait, that’s joseph smith. weeeeeee


Fuck. Well this is disappointing. I wanted this shit to be dragged out, but considering this dude is loaded throwing money at the situation is the best way to keep it quiet.


Not “probably”, but “definitely”. I went to 2 years of catholic high school and every time one of these sex/rape scandals would come up the school would plan masses during class to pray for god to protect the priest or bishop. It was disgusting.


wtf? How about protecting the people they fucking abused


I’d step down WHILE publicly admitting what I have done. Kinda thought that’s what being a christian was about. Being responsible for our actions n’ shit.


I kinda think it’s unfair to say people in high religious positions get away with things like this. I’m not going to make it religious discussion, but I’d rather the general overall thing to be said should be that people in power normally get away with something like this, because it happens a lot with no matter what position a person is holding.


smh. as a christian this disgust me. The people that continue to tithe to his church after this is just as guilty.